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At [[Team Flare]]'s Headquarters, [[Xerosic]] looks at [[Z2]] before instructing a {{tc|Team Flare Admin}} to begin the irradiation which he does causing Z2 to be hit by bolts as it cries out in pain. Watching the results, Xerosic is impressed by Z2's power as {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive in [[Jacore Town]], [[Squishy]] appears to sense Z2's pain and hopes out of {{an|Bonnie}}'s bag and onto her head. Bonnie notices that Squishy seems to be sad and sings [[Puni-chan's Song|her song]] to try and cheer Squishy up which helps to cheer Squishy up as they continue on their journey. Walking past an information screen, {{an|Serena}} spots that a beautiful gem is being exhibited at the hotel and is keen to visit along with Bonnie and suggests they visit which they agree to do and head off to the hotel unaware that a [[Locke|mysterious figure]] is watching from a rooftop. Ash and his friends arrive at the hotel only to learn from the receptionist that the exhibit is closed and invites them to come back another time. Ash asks if they have a room available which they have and suggests staying the night and checking the exhibit tomorrow. In the exhibit, the mysterious figure from before opens a skylight in the roof and jumps down and approaches the gem which is locked and with the assistance of {{DL|Locke|Lefty}}, starts to open the lock. In a corridor, Serena is suggesting they go to bed early when an alarm sounds and spot two guards run past saying its the gem exhibit and follow. At the exhibit, a guard notices that the gem is still there as another notices the padlock is unlocked as they hear laughter from the skylight and look up as Ash and his friends arrive as the figure introduces himself as Master Thief Keyes and admits to opening the lock before throwing down a calling card before escaping as the guards call for [[Officer Jenny]].
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