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Cast and crew
[[Gary Oak]] was voiced by '''Rodrigo Andreatto''' during the entire [[original series]]. Starting from Pokémon Chronicles, he has had several different voice actors, such as '''Marcelo Campos''' ([[SS015]]), '''Gabriel Noya''' ([[AG192]]), and '''Raphael Ferreira''' ([[DP045]]). Gary's grandfather, {{an|Professor Oak}}, was voiced by '''Wellington Lima''' until [[AG040]]. Starting from [[AG041]], he has been voiced by '''Dráusio de Oliveira''', who also provided his voice for ''Pokémon Chronicles''. Another one of Ash's rivals, [[Paul]], is voiced by '''Gabriel Noya'''.
[[Nurse Joy]] is voiced by '''Fátima Noya''', Gabriel Noya's mother. [[Officer Jenny]] was voiced for the entire [[original series]] and part of the {{series|AG}} by '''Raquel Marinho'''. '''Gilmara Sanches''' took over the role starting from the ''[[S08|eighth season]]'' and stayed until the {{series|BW}}, when Marinho returned for the role. Gilmara also provided voices for {{an|Casey}} in ''Pokémon Chronicles'', [[Solidad]], [[Marian]], and many minor appearances since season eight, as well as some Pokémon such as {{TP|May|Squirtle|Wartortle}} and {{TP|May|Eevee|Glaceon}} when their voices couln't be retained. She was also the dubbing director for the series from [[S07|season seven]] to ''BW''.
[[Tracey Sketchit]] is originally voiced by '''Rogério Vieira''', however, '''Vagner Fagundes''' took this role since the {{series|AG}}, and also in ''Pokémon Chronicles''. '''Letícia Quinto''' has voiced characters such as [[J]], {{jo|Marina}}, [[Erika]] and [[Duplica]] (in her [[EP174|second appearance]]). '''Fábio Moura''' provides the voices for the [[Pokédex]] (Kanto and Johto only) and the [[narrator]]. '''Luciana Baroli''' voices [[Zoey]], and has been also the voice of {{an|Casey}} ([[original series]] only) and [[Flannery]].