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Pokémon Yellow Version

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Plot: If saying "no Grass/Fire/Water" is false, softening it to "few" is just silly-looking. Better to totally rephrase it.
Unlike other games, Yellow was inspired by the {{pkmn|anime}}, and thus, instead of having a choice between {{p|Bulbasaur}}, {{p|Charmander}}, and {{p|Squirtle}}, {{player}}s are forced to start off with a {{p|Pikachu}} that [[Professor Oak]] caught on {{rt|1|Kanto}}. With the {{ga|Blue|rival}} beginning with an {{p|Eevee}}, the player journeys from [[Pallet Town]] to go through an all-new experience—with. fewLater {{t|Grass}},in the {{t|Fire}}game, or {{t|Water}} types to fall back on until each member of the [[Kanto]] starter trio is given to the player later on in [[Cerulean City]], {{rt|24|Kanto}}, and [[Vermilion City]], respectively.
Much like before, players journey across Kanto from their hometown, Pallet Town, defeating the eight [[Gym Leader]]s ([[Brock]] and [[Misty]] do not join the player, unlike in the anime) and eventually the [[Elite Four]].