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all pokémon have doubled EV's once the battle turns into an SOS battle, including the original caller
Most Pokémon can summon allies of the same [[Pokémon (species)|species]], but some can summon other Pokémon in their [[List of Pokémon by evolution family|family]], and some can summon other unrelated Pokémon. For some species, the Pokémon that a wild Pokémon can call varies with location.
Non-Totem Pokémon are more likely to call for help after the player sends out a Pokémon with {{a|Intimidate}}, {{a|Pressure}} or {{a|Unnerve}} as its Ability, has their Pokémon immediately use supereffective moves on new allies called into battle<ref>[ Special Pokémon Answer the Call for Help in SOS Battles |]</ref>, or uses an [[Adrenaline Orb]]. The Adrenaline Orb can only be used once per battle and will fail if used repeatedly (wasting a turn without being consumed).
Non-Totem Pokémon that have a {{DL|status condition|non-volatile status|non-volatile status condition}}<!--paralysis, poison and burn tested and confirmed; have not yet tested sleep and freeze, but it seems very likely that they would act the same way--> or are in the {{cat|Moves with a semi-invulnerable turn|semi-invulnerable turn}} of a move such as {{m|Dig}} will not attempt to call for allies.
If there is only one wild Pokémon present, non-Totem Pokémon may call for help again. Within an SOS Battle, the chance for the called Pokémon to be {{Shiny}}, have perfect {{IV}}s, or have its {{DL|Ability|Hidden Abilities|Hidden Ability}} increases with the number of answered calls. After 255 Pokémon have been called into battle, the counter rolls over and these rate go back to their default values but will continue to rise as usual after more Pokémon are called in.<ref>[ Is Anybody Researching Sun/Moon Shiny Chaining? | -> The Independent Video Game Community]</ref> If a Pokémon originallysuccessfully called ascalls an ally is defeated, all [[Effort value|EV]]s earned by defeating ita Pokémon are doubled for the rest of the battle (including those from [[EV-enhancing item‎]]s).
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