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Appendix:Pokémon GO Player's Guide/Gyms

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==Basics of Gyms in Pokémon GO==
[[File:GO Guide Gym 1.png|thumb|150px|A Gym nearby, claimed by Team Mystic, with a {{p|Pidgeot}} as its strongest Pokémon.]]
The {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} [[Gym]] challenge has been the core of the Pokémon narrative for over twenty years now, and as such the Gym mechanic of [[Pokémon GO]] is arguably the most complex and nuanced feature of the game. Before [[Pokémon Trainer|trainers]] can even begin claiming Gyms in Pokémon GO they must have reached Trainer [[Level]] 5. If you are not yet Level 5, you are encouraged to get back out there and catch every Pokémon you see and visit every [[PokéStop]] you can. Before long you'll be ready to begin battling Gyms and claim them for your own.
==Defeating a Gym==
[[File:GO Guide Gym 4.png|thumb|150px|A trainer has defeated the Gym, losing all its prestige, the Gym is now neutral and up for grabs.]]
Like in the core series games, you will need to make use of strategies to defeat the Gym Leader or Leaders. Things such as [[type]] effectiveness can play a big role on defeating them, but the most important thing to take into account is knowing their Combat Power (CP).
===Gym battles===
[[File:GO Guide Gym 3.png|thumb|150px|A Pokémon battle, for now only available in Gyms, eventually, Pokémon will be able to battle outside them.]]
In Pokémon GO, battles can only be conducted at Gyms. Battles are not turn-based, and they are not conducted directly between two players. Rather, your opponent is always under AI control. Battles are also timed, limited to 100 seconds.
==Defending your Gym==
[[File:GO Guide Gym 2.png|thumb|150px|Use your strongest Pokémon if you want to keep the Gym for your team.]]
When your team has a Gym, plenty of Trainers are required to work together so as to build up the Gym's defense. Upon challenging a friendly Gym, you are helping it build their Prestige level up, so that more Pokémon can be used to defend the Gym.
==Benefits of combat in Gyms==
[[File:GO Guide Gym 5.png|thumb|150px|Earning PokéCoins and Stardust with only one Pokémon stationed in a Gym.]]
When you fight on Gyms, you will earn experience points, but you also win a daily reward for leaving a Pokémon on a Gym's team.