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Appendix:Pokémon GO Player's Guide/Gyms

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==Basics of Gyms in Pokémon GO==
The {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} [[Gym]] challenge has been the core of the Pokémon narrative for over twenty years now, and as such the Gym mechanic of [[Pokémon GO]] is arguably the most complex and nuanced feature of the game. Before Trainers[[Pokémon Trainer|trainers]] can even begin claiming Gyms in Pokémon GO they must have reached Trainer [[Level]] 5. If you are not yet Level 5, you are encouraged to get back out there and catch every Pokémon you see and visit every [[PokéStop]] you can. Before long you'll be ready to begin battling Gyms and claim them for your own.
Upon reaching Trainer Level 5 you'll be prompted to choose one of three teams.
Currently, your team affiliation is permanent and affects only how you interact with Gyms. All other aspects are merely cosmetic.
In Pokémon GO, like the [[core series]] games, players can challenge Pokémon Gyms, which are shown on the map as large towers. If a tower is visible on your screen it can be selected from any distance away and its information can be scouted. The Gym screen will always show the Pokémon stationed there, the Pokémon's CP, the Trainers who have claimed the Gym (if any), the Trainer's level, and the battles won by the victorious Pokémon. Once the Pokémon is defeated it will be removed from the Gym and its stats will disappear.
If the tower is colorless, it means that the Gym is without an owner at the moment. You can give it a Pokémon so that you can gain control of the Gym immediately. Gyms automatically begin at level 2, allowing up to two Pokémon to be stationed there. A Pokémon placed in a Gym cannot be removed until it is defeated by a challenging Trainer, at which point the Pokémon will return to your collection so you can use it again. This Pokémon will return at 1 HP, so remember to use healing items to restore your Pokémon's health.
==Defeating a Gym==
Like in the core series games, you will need to make use of strategies to defeat the Gym Leader or Leaders. Things such as [[type]] effectiveness can play a big role on defeating them, but the most important thing to take into account is knowing their Combat Power (CP).
You should use your strongest Pokémon during the battle. It could take a few battles to claim a Gym as yours, especially when there are more Pokémon to defeat. A battle of attrition makes the Gym lose their Prestige level, reducing the number of usable Pokémon and improving the chances of defeating the Gym. However, if you lose at the Gym, this will award the winner Prestige, also allowing them to level up this way, so make sure to play your cards right.
* '''Fast attack''': tap your Pokémon.
* '''Special attack''': hold a long press on your Pokémon; BUT, this can only be used after the special attack meter is charged!
Basic [[type]] effectiveness also plays an important role, exactly like in the core games, but there does not appear to be any [[same-type attack bonus]].
Two buttons in the bottom-right of the screen will also allow you to forfeit the battle (top) or switch to another Pokémon on your team (bottom).
As Pokémon Trainers, you should always practice good sportsmanship when interacting with others playing the game, especially when it comes to Gyms. Although we laugh and make jokes about the turf-war nature of teams controlling Gyms, they should never come at the expense of anyone's enjoyment of the game. Here are a few tips for sportsmanship and Gym challenges.
* New players join the game every day and are not always able to understand the battle mechanics. If a Trainer challenges your Gym while you are present and asks you questions about how to play, don't ignore them. Let them experience the thrill of defeating a Gym. Remember, Gym Leaders originally existed to give out Badges[[Badge]]s upon a loss and were expected to lose.
* If your Gym is conquered remind the new leader that they should claim their PokéCoins before someone else takes the now-weakened Gym.
* Don't hang around a Gym that is being taken and then rush in to claim it without participating in the battle. It's not fair to the players who had to battle the Gym to not get to benefit from it.