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Kiloude City

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'''Kiloude City''' (Japanese: '''キナンシティ ''' ''Kinan City'') is a city located in the southern part of the [[Kalos]] [[region]] and is only accessible after the {{key|VI|TMV Pass}} is obtained from [[Professor Sycamore]] in [[Lumiose City|Lumiose Station]] after entering the [[Hall of Fame]].
After participating in a battle in the [[Battle Maison]], {{ga|Calem}}/{{ga|Serena}} will battle the player daily in the north of the city.
===Stats Judge===
Right in the [[Pokémon Center]] of the city, there is a {{dlDL|Stats judge|In Generation VI|Stats Judge}} who will read the [[Individual values]] (IVs) of a selected Pokémon and determine the range of values which the IVs fall under.
==Name origin==
{| class="roundy" style="float:left; background: #C19A6B; border: 3px solid #091F72"
! style="{{roundytl}}" | Language
! Name
! style="{{roundytr|5px}}" | Origin
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| Japanese
| キナンシティ ''Kinan City''
| From 奇南香 ''kinan-kō'', an alternative name to {{wp|agarwood}}. Also from 南 ''nan'' (south)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| English
| Kiloude City
| From ''agilawood'' and ''oud'', alternative names to agarwood
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| French
| Batisques
| From ''{{wp|Batik}}''
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| German
| Batika City
| From ''Batik''
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Italian
| Batikopoli
| From ''Batik'' and the suffix ''-poli'' (city)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Spanish
| Ciudad Batik
| From ''Batik''
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Korean
| 기남시티 ''Ginam City''
| From 기남향 (奇南香) ''ginam-hyang'', agarwood
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| Chinese
| -->