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{{Itemlist|None|The lowest floor of the side building, accessed from [[The Under Subway]]|Colo=yes|display={{key|ColoOrre|Maingate Key}}}}
{{Itemlist|Full Heal|Outside, in the lower-left corner|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Status condition healing item|Full Heal}} ×2}}
{{Itemlist|Revive|Outside, in the upper-right corner|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Revive|Revive}} ×3}}
* B1F of the west wing, in the upper-left corner
* Inside the small room to the left of {{tc|Cipher Peon}} Remil|Colo=yes|display={{key|ColoOrre|Card Key}} ×2}}
{{Itemlist|Elixir|The lowest floor of the side building, accessed from The Under Subway|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Ether|Elixir}} ×3}}
{{Itemlist|Full Restore|At the dead end near Cipher Peon Tanie and the two adjacent elevators|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Full Restore}}}}
*Two in the room guarded by Cipher Peon Lesar
*One to the right of the adjacent elevators
*Two in the room north of the adjacent elevators|Colo=yes|display={{key|ColoOrre|DNA Sample}}<br/><small>3 out of 9 possible locations</small>}}
{{Itemlist|HP Up|In the lower-left corner of [[Ein]]'s room|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Vitamin|HP Up}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Ground|In the upper-right corner of Ein's room|Colo=yes|display={{TM|26|Earthquake}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Normal|Next to Ein's computer after defeating him|Colo=yes|display={{key|ColoOrre|Data RomROM}}}}
{{Itemlist|Poké Ball|West wing, upper-left corner|XD=yes|display={{ball|Poké}}}}
{{Itemlist|Super Potion|
*In the room with Cipher R&D Klots|XD=yes|display={{ball|Great}} ×2}}
{{Itemlist|Full Heal|In the room southwest of Klots's room|XD=yes|display={{DL|Status condition healing item|Full Heal}}}}
{{Itemlist|None|Dropped by Cipher R&D Klots after defeating him|XD=yes|display={{key|XDOrre|ID Card}}}}
{{Itemlist|Leaf Stone|In the small room where [[Professor Krane]] is being held|XD=yes|display={{evostone|Leaf Stone}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Normal|Dropped by Cipher R&D Tekot after defeating [[Lovrina]]|XD=yes|display={{key|XDOrre|Data ROM}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Normal|In the small room where [[Professor Krane]] was being held after defeating [[Gorigan]]|XD=yes|display={{DL|Battle CDs 41-50|Battle CD 42}}}}