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I'm sure most of us have established some kind of house rule(s) when playing PTCG; extra prize cards, hand refreshes even when you have a basic, letting your opponent start set-up, etc; either for better testing or just for fun.
AAn interesting way mywe brothershave andbeen I playplaying at home and with friends is with literally, an expanded deck:
Unlimited Format, 100 cards, 5 max each card, Draw 10 instead of 7, D&P rules (best IMO), 8 or 10 prizes, and 6 benched.
Some sick decks can be made.
=='''''Sand Box 1 Start'''''==
{{TCG ID|Fossil|Mr. Fuji|58}}<br>
{{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Swoop! Teleporter|92}}<br>
=='''''Sandbox 2 Start'''''==
|title=Forretress Donk
|caption={{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Forretress|28}} and {{TCG ID|Boundaries Crossed|Blastoise|31}}
|cards={{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Forretress|28}}, {{TCG ID|Boundaries Crossed|Blastoise|31}}, {{TCG ID|Triumphant|Seeker|88}}
'''Forretress Donk'''
There was a less consistent version of this deck during the Diamond Pearl era using {{TCG|Secret Wonders}} {{TCG ID|Secret Wonders|Blastoise|2}} with its ''Waterlog'' Poké-POWER to attach Energy to {{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Forretress|28}}; although, this method lacks unlimited Energy attachment and also requires more Energy cards. The release of {{TCG ID|Black & White|Emboar|20}} allowed the creation of Forretress Donk. {{TCG ID|Boundaries Crossed|Blastoise|31}} of {{TCG|Boundaries Crossed}} is an alternate, more viable Energy attachment.
[[File:ShuckleHGSSPromo15.jpg|thumb|right|{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Shuckle|15}}]]
The most consistently-winning decks in {{TCG|Unlimited Format}} are '''turn one donk decks''' (''T1 donk''). Forretress Donk is this type of deck; capable of taking all prize cards or Knocking-Out all of the opponent's Pokémon on the first turn
The ideal start would be Sableye; Sableye's Poké-BODY allows the player to go first. Using the various Trainer cards, the player would want to set up a Blastoise, Espeon, and Shuckle. Blastoise's ''Deluge'' Ability allows the player to attach, as often as they like, Water Energy cards to Shuckle. Shuckle's ''Fermenting Liuid'' Poké-BODY lets the player draw a card every time an Energy card is attached to it. Espeon's ''Energy Return'' Poké-POWER allows the player to return those Energy cards to the hand. This establishes an infinite loop of drawing with Shuckle. After drawing the needed cards, the next step would be to get out Forretress and attach the Energy cards to it instead of Shuckle. Forretress's ''Iron Shell'' Poké-BODY has the player flip a coin every time an Energy card is attached to it; tails places 2 damage counters on all Pokémon (excluding any Forretress). The damage to Blastoise and Espeon can be continously healed with an attached {{TCG ID|Roaring Skies|Healing Scarf|84}} Pokémon tool.
===Key cards===
*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Forretress|28}}''' -
*'''{{TCG ID|Boundaries Crossed|Blastoise|31}}''' - It's Deluge Ability lets the play attach Water Energy Cards as often as they like during their turn.
*'''{{TCG ID|Aquapolis|Espeon|H9}}''' - It's Poké-POWER is used to return Energy cards attached to Shuckle and Forretress; allowing an infinite loop of each one's Poké-BODY.
*'''{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Shuckle|15}}''' - Primary draw power of the deck. By attachment of Energy to Shuckle, the player will be able to draw their whole deck and have all resources available (note: you only lose if you cannot draw at the ''beginning'' of your turn).
*'''{{TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}''' - Essentially a souped-up ''Set Up''
*'''{{TCG ID|Platinum|Broken Time-Space|104}}''' - Allows the player to evolve its Pokémon on the same turn they are played; this also allows evolution on the first turn.
===Other Pokémon===
*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Uxie|43}}''' - It's ''Set Up'' Poké-Power allows the player to draw cards until they have seven cards in their hand. Useful at the ver beginning after playing out the hand.
*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Azelf|19}}''' - Allows the player to get Pokémon from the Prize cards.
*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Regice|36}}''' - Allows a counters to an opponent's {{TCG ID|Arceus|Spiritomb|32}} start.
===Other Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums===
*'''{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Pokémon Collector|97}}''' - Used to get three Basic Pokémon into the player's hand.
===Energy cards===
*'''{{TCG|Water Energy}}''' - Blastoise's ''Deluge'' Ability attachs Water Energy cards.
==Typical deck list==
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|Stormfront|Sableye|48}}|Darkness||Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Uxie|43}}|Psychic||Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Azelf|19}}|Psychic||Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Regice|36}}|Water||Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG ID|Team Rocket|Rattata|66}}|Colorless||Common}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Pokémon Collector|97}}|Supporter||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|Base Set|Item Finder|74}}|Trainer||Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|Base Set|Computer Search|71}}|Trainer||Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|Base Set|Scoop Up|78}}|Trainer||Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|Stormfront|Poké Drawer +|89}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|Gym Heroes|Erika|16}}|Trainer||Rare Holo}}
{{decklist/entry|2|{{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Level Ball|89}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG ID|EX Crystal Guardians|Windstorm|85}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|Platinum|Broken Time-Space|104}}|Stadium||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|7|{{TCG|Water Energy}}|Energy|Water|None}}
==Variable tech cards==
[[File:LeafeonRisingRivals45.jpg|thumb|right|{{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Leafeon|45}}]]
These are cards that may or may not be in the deck build depending on the player's style:
*'''{{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Leafeon|45}}''' - An alternative healing method to Healing Scarf. When it is the Active Pokémon, it's Energy Refresh ''Poké-BODY'' allows the healing of the player's Pokémon when they attach an Energy card to them
*'''{{TCG ID|Fossil|Mr. Fuji|58}}'''
*'''{{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Swoop! Teleporter|92}}'''
Forretress Donk uses the Unlimited Format; therefore, it is not tournament legal. It is played at home, in unsanctioned tournaments, and at leagues where permitted.
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