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Snivy was used in a battle against Cheren's Tepig, {{p|Pansage}}, and {{p|Basculin}} with {{p|Panpour}} and {{p|Roggenrola}}. Snivy started off with a {{m|Leaf Tornado}} which dies down before it could reach and gets hurt by Tepig's {{m|Ember}}. It attacks Basculin with a Vine Whip, but it switches with Tepig. After Panpour uses {{m|Surf}} and defeats Tepig, he has not noticed that Snivy has fainted too.
[[File:Monta Servine.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Servine]]
Snivy is used to battle an {{p|Emolga}}, he weakens it with Leaf Tornado before capturing it. Later the group enter a cave and suddenly the ground starts to rumble and a wild {{p|Excadrill}} appears and battles Snivy. Using some impressive moves, he is able to capture it. 
It is then used in a battle against a {{tc|Pokémon Ranger}}'s {{p|Zebstrika}} and {{p|Swanna}} with Emolga. It is hurt badly by Swanna's {{m|Aerial Ace}}, which made Monta switch Snivy out for his newly caught Excadrill.
[[File:Monta and Serperior.png|thumb|200px|Monta and his Serperior]]
Snivy was sent out along with Monta's newly evolved Boldore during a challenge in the Battle Subway. Thanks to the Air Balloon that it was holding, Snivy did not take any damage from {{type|Ground}} moves.
Snivy evolved into a Servine and was used to battle some wild Pokémon. It took on a {{p|Tornadus}} that Monta wanted to capture but Tornadus kept on fleeing.
Servine evolved into a Serperior sometime before the events of encountering {{p|Kyurem}} in ''[[PBW6|Pokédex Complete!]]''. Serperior was the first Pokémon to battle Kyurem but despite putting up a fight, Serperior stood no match for Kyurem.
Serperior was used along {{p|Victini}} in a Double Battle against [[Muteki]]'s {{p|Jellicent}} and {{p|Hydreigon}}. In the first match, Serperior got beaten sometime after Victini used {{m|V-create}}. During the rematch, Serperior did much better.
==Moves used==
{{anmov/h|grass||Monta Snivy {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 5}}|0=Vine Whip|1=Tackle|2=Grass Pledge Cheren Tepig Fire Pledge|3=Leaf Tornado|4=Protect}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 5}}|0=Vine Whip|1=Tackle|2=Grass Pledge|3=Leaf Tornado|4=Protect}}<br/>as a Snivy|image2=Monta {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 5}}|0=Serperior Leaf Blade|1=Snivy Slam|2=Serperior Leaf Storm|3=Serperior Frenzy Plant|4=Serperior Gastro Acid}}.png|caption2=Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 5}}|0=Leaf Blade|1=Slam as a Snivy|2=Leaf Storm|3=Frenzy Plant|4=Gastro Acid}}}}
{{anmov|Grass|Vine Whip|PBW1|Advance Toward the Path of the Strongest!}}
{{anmov|Normal|Tackle|PBW1|Advance Toward the Path of the Strongest!}}
{{anmov|Grass|Grass Pledge|PBW1|Advance Toward the Path of the Strongest!}}
{{anmov|Grass|Leaf Tornado|PBW2|The Key to Triple Battles}}
{{anmov|Normal|Protect|PBW4|Challenge the Battle Subway!}}
{{anmov|Normal|Slam|PBW4|Challenge the Battle Subway!}}
{{anmov|Grass|Leaf Blade|PBW5|Let's Master Pokémon Capturing!}}
{{anmov|Grass|Leaf Storm|PBW6|Pokédex Complete!}}
{{anmov|Grass|Frenzy Plant|PBW7|Victini - A New Friend!}}
{{anmov|Poison|Gastro Acid|PBW8|The Birth of the Best Pokémon Trainer!}}