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* One of the flashback scenes with [[James]] and {{TP|James|Inkay}} features James disguising Inkay as {{AP|Pikachu}} while wearing an Ash disguise himself. This scene takes place during ''[[XY029|Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!]]'', although it was never seen in the said episode.
* James's Inkay remains outside of its [[Poké Ball]] throughout the episode.
* ''[[DP054|Once There Were Greenfields]]'', in which James gave [[Gardenia]] [[James's Cacnea|his Cacnea]], was also the 54th episode of [[Diamond & Pearl series|its series]] and featured one of James's Pokémon. If James had left Inkay with the group of good Malamar, both episodes would share the coincidence of its number and the fact that both had James parting with one of his Pokémon.