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'''Houndoom's Special Delivery''' (Japanese: '''ヘルガーとトゲピー!''' ''{{tt|Hellgar|Houndoom}} and {{tt|Togepy|Togepi}}!'') is the 180th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It was first broadcast in Japan on January 11, 2001 and in the United States on December 1, 2001.
<i>When Team Rocket attacks our heroes as they travel through a mountain pass, Weezing's Smoke Screen attack separates Togepi and Misty. Togepi wanders away as Misty, Ash and Brock try to locate the pint-sized Pokémon. Finding Togepi scared and alone, a passing Houndoom becomes its temporary care-taker and brings Togepi home to its trainer. Will Misty ever be reunited with Togepi?</i>
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} admire the nice [[Johto]] scenery when they spot a {{p|Houndoom}} delivering something. At the same time, {{TRT}} is also admiring the scenery from the [[Team Rocket's mechas|Meowth Balloon]]. Team Rocket spots Ash and his friends, so they interrupt them with their {{motto|usual lines}}. [[James]] sends out {{TP|James|Weezing}} and tells it to use {{m|SmokeScreen}}, making it impossible for Ash and his friends to see. [[Jessie]] then tells her {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} to attack {{AP|Pikachu}}, but Pikachu is ready and fends it off with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}. With all the action, {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} gets away from {{an|Misty}} and ends up near Weezing, so to get away it uses {{m|Metronome}}, which ends up {{m|Teleport}}ing it far away. Team Rocket eventually loses to Ash as he sent out {{AP|Chikorita}} to cut a hole through their balloon with its {{m|Razor Leaf}} and they were sent blasting off again.