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Terrakion (Pokémon)

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* Terrakion is similar to {{p|Moltres}} in three ways: it is a member of a non-mascot [[legendary trio]], is found in its region's [[Victory Road]] in the first games that feature its region, and is found in a different location in all subsequent games.
* Terrakion takes super-effective damage from {{t|Grass}}, {{t|Steel}}, {{t|Water}}, and {{t|Fighting}}; the collective types of the other members of its quartet.
* Like other members of Sword of Justice,it learns [[Close Combat]] at level 73.
Terrakion appears to be based on the character of {{wp|Porthos}} from the novel ''{{wp|The Three Musketeers}}''. Like Porthos, Terrakion is the heaviest, largest, and strongest member of the trio. It also has traits of {{wp|big horn sheep}} and {{wp|ox}}en. Like the other members of its trio, its nose resembles that of a sheep, goat, or other hoofed animal.