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'''Maniac Tunnel''' (Japanese: '''マニアトンネル''' ''Maniac Tunnel'') is a tunnel that leads between {{rt|214|Sinnoh}} and the [[Solaceon Ruins]]. Before the digging is complete, it is known as '''Ruin Maniac Cave''' (Japanese: '''いせきマニアのあな''' ''Ruin Maniac Hole'').
The {{tc|Ruin Maniac}}, when the player first encounters him, will propose a race: he will dig straight through the mountain as the player captures the different {{p|Unown}}. This race, of course, ends in a tie; after the player has captured the 26 Unown that are in the form of letters, the tunnel itself will extend straight through to the previously-inaccessible upper chamber of the ruins, where only the {{DL|Form differences|Unown|? and ! forms of Unown}} are available.
As the player progressively catches the various forms of Unown, the cave will lengthen, and the availabilities of the Pokémon in the cave will alter. Also, when player has 10-25 Unown caught, Ruin Maniac claims he is now known as '''Digging Maniac'''.
! style="{{roundytl|5px}}" | Version
! 0-9 Unown
! 10-25 Unown
! 26-28 Unown
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