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In the Generation 4 games, treasure boxes can contain different kinds of items that range from common food items to rare trade items that can be swapped in the [[Croagunk Swap Shop]]. They have to be appraised first at {{DL|Treasure Town|Xatu Appraisal}} located at [[Treasure Town]] before one can obtain the hidden item within the box. In certain dungeons, such as [[Zero Island North]], [[Zero Island East]], [[Zero Island West]], and [[Zero Island South]], there will be locked sections in which one must use a key to obtain the box. There may also be water blocking the box. These boxes will hold items such as legendary specialized items and Wonder Gummis. All boxes, with the exception of end-of-the-dungeon Deluxe Boxes and locked room boxes have random contents, though certain items will be unlocked as the game continues.
In the Generation 5 games, they may contain [[Team Skills]] after being opened by {{p|Rampardos}} in [[Post Town]]. Unlike in previous games, the items are usuallyoften [[Max ElixerElixir]]s, although it is still possible to find other items, albeitsuch as veryGold rarelyBars. Boxes can also be found in chambers that either require keys or a specific Pokémon type to enter.
==List of treasure boxes==