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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} finally see the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Pyramid}}, and Ash is confident that he will win. However, they fall into a hole and plummet into an ancient ruin whose walls are covered in ancient hieroglyphs and pictures of people and Pokémon. [[Max]] spots a light source ahead, and Ash heads for it. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} finds the pit Ash and the others fell through. The ground is unstable, and Team Rocket widens the pit, falling in as well.
Ash finds a {{p|Pikachu}} statue and grabs it, even though Max tries to convince him not to, causing the pillar it was resting on the rise and the statue's eyes to glow blue. Nearby,A anearby wall flashes,with matchingan theidentical depiction of a Pikachu statue.flashes Ashits seteyes offas awell boulderand trapbegins to rise. A giant, forcingspherical theboulder groupbegins to runpursue awaythe group. They run into an explorer, callingwho calls them foolish kids. He summons a {{DL|Brandon's Regis|Regirock}}, usingto destroy the boulder with {{m|Focus Punch}} to destroy the boulder. The man identifies himself as {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}} and scolds Ash for his carelessness. Brandon talks about the ruins, called [[Pokélantis]], wherean theancient kingdom whose king tried to control {{p|Ho-Oh}}. Theas kingpart disappearedof afterhis plan to rule the world. Ho-Oh destroyed the villageentire kingdom for the King's wicked attempt. Team Rocket overhears and misinterprets that Ho-Oh is in the ruins, so they set off to find it.
Ash is excited that he might run into Ho-Oh, but Brandon doesn't want them to follow. Ash reveals that he won six Battle Frontier Symbols and runs off. Brandon and the others pursue Ash. Meanwhile, Team Rocket findsfind a {{p|Smoochum}} statue and setsset off a boulder trap similar to the one Ash set off.
Ash runs into the door leading into the king’sKing’s chamber, andwhich hequickly managesopens, toletting gethim inside, and shuts immediately thereafter. However,{{an|May}} and Max push against the othersdoor, cannotbut followit asdoes quicklynot budge. Brandon tries to find the mechanism that opens the kingKing's chamber. Inside the king’sKing’s chamber, all of the torches light automatically as Ash stands up. He finds the kingKing's throne, withunder an enormous monument of the King himself and a stone orb shaped like a [[{{Ball|Poké Ball]]}} resting on itthe seat. Thinking Ho-Oh is inside, he grabs the orb and holds it above his head, commanding it to emerge. Brandon gets the door open and they get inside. Brandon tries to get Ash to set the orb down, but the orbmysterious object suddenly activates. AThe orb levitates in the air as a dark voice chants a spell, asenveloping Ash in dark energy. envelopsHe Ashfalls to his knees, causingstill himsurrounded toby falla toblue hisand kneesblack aura. The others rushstare toin him,shock andas Ash startsgets toback laugh,on buthis itfeet soundsand deeper..laughs with a deep, sinister voice.
Team Rocket encountersencounter a door, and {{MTR}} looksvolunteers intoto look through the keyhole, seeingwhere he sees a bird's silhouette. TheyThinking thinkthey itshave found Ho-Oh, andTeam Rocket open itthe large doors, settingonly offto abe chased away by an angry {{p|Pidgey}} pecking at their bottoms.
Back in the King's chamber, Ash iscommands envelopedeveryone withelse to give him their Pokémon. The dark energy, whicharound him reaches out and grabs {{an|May}}'s [[Poké Ball]]s.Balls, Maybut takes them backshe and everyoneMax wonderstake what happenedthem to Ashback. Ash declares himself asto be the [[King of Pokélantis]], and Brandon reveals that Ash is being possessed by the King's spirit. Brandon confronts the kingKing, due tomentioning his failure to imprison Ho-Oh. Brandon steps forward, and challenges the kinghim to a battle. Brandon announces that he is the king of the Battle Pyramid., Ifand if the kingKing wins, he willcan rulehave theall worldof Brandon's Pokémon. The kingKing accepts.
Team Rocket findshear anothera passageway.roar Theyat hearthe mouth of a roartunnel and run down it, thinking itsit is Ho-Oh. They run down the hallInstead, finding a furious {{p|Salamence}} instead.greets Itthem useswith {{m|Flamethrower}}, to sendsending them running. Meanwhile, Brandon takes the kingKing and the others to the pyramid, meetingwhere [[Scott]] is waiting. The King pushes Scott aside as he walks into the Battle Pyramid, declaring that no one stands in his way. Inside, Scott finds out that Ash is possessed by the King's spirit. Afterward, whilehe revealingreveals that Brandon explores ruins as well as being thea Frontier brainBrain.
The battle is set for a one-on-one match. Brandon sends out Regirock. Ash wakes up inside another dimension. However, hebut doescan see whatthrough the kingKing's seeseyes. Noticing the battle, Ash summons {{AP|Sceptile}}, which the kingKing replicates in reality. Ash orders Sceptile to use {{m|Leaf Blade}}, which the kingKing replicates. Regirock uses {{m|Iron Defense}} to nullify the attack. The kingKing then orders Sceptile to use {{m|Bullet Seed}}, but Iron Defense also nullifies it. TheWitha snide grin, the kingKing orders Sceptile to fire Bullet Seed at the ceiling. Sceptile is hesitant at first, but obeys. The attack causes rocksrubble to crash atopon Regirock,top buryingof itand bury Regirock. The group notes that Ash would never attack in that manner. Brandon calls the kingKing a coward for his tactic, but Ash hears the insult from hiswithin isolationthe King. Ash temporarily breaks the spell, takingdenies controlthat ofhe hisis body to countera the insultcoward, but thesoon king’sloses control quicklyto the returnsKing.
Max thinks Regirock is down and out, but the Rock Peak Pokémon breaks out of theits tomb and immediately uses {{m|Hyper Beam}}. TheIn an astonishing move, the kingKing orders Sceptile to use the referee as cover. Sceptile initially hesitates, not used to Ash using such dirty tricks, but the kingKing tells him to obey and Sceptile is made to moveleaps behind the frightened referee, which forces[[Samuel]]. Brandon to cancelcancels the attack. The kingKing uses Sceptile’s Leaf Blade on Regirock’s leg, causing it to kneel down. Regirock uses {{m|Lock-On}}, targeting Sceptile. The kingKing orders another Leaf Blade on the other leg, rendering Regirock immobile. Regirock uses Hyper Beam again. Sceptile's attempt to dodge fails as Lock-On ensures that the attack hits. Hyper Beam comes around and Sceptile is blasted to the ground and faints. The kingKing loses,refuses butto headmit refuses,defeat orderingand orders Pikachu to gobattle. May, Brock, and Max blockdefend Pikachu and try to break through to Ash. The kingKing appears resistant and orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but it refuses. Brandon reminds Ash that they’re his good friends, and Ash gets {{AP|Pikachu}} to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} on his bodyhim. The attack frees Ash from captivity and purges the kingKing from his body. Brandon uses a counter of the spell to abolishbanish the kingKing's spirit back to the orb. Ash returns to normal, to his friends' relief. Brandon admits to Scott that Ash's friends freed him from the spell.
AshMeanwhile, returnsTeam and the othersRocket are relieved.still Brandon admits to Scott that Ash's friends freed him fromin the spellruins. Meanwhile,They Teamfind Rocketa findshidden anotherroom hatch,between openingtwo itsliding andwalls findingthat houses a mere {{p|Hoothoot}}. Jessie throws a rock, angering Hoothoot and prompting it to attack. Team Rocket's runbottoms intoas they flee. They unknowingly activate a spring traptile andthat sends them flying out of the ruins.
As sunsetthe sun occurssets, Brandon tells Ash that his own carelessness and arrogance attracted the kingKing and rendered him vulnerable. Ash admits that maybe he ismay stillbe a foolish kid at times, but he still wants the chance to battle Brandon fair and square. Unfortunately, Brandon declines the challenge as he has some more ruins to visit but he tells Ash he will get in touch... when the time is right,. and heHe advises Ash to train hard untilin thatthe timemeantime. Brandon entersand Samuel enter the Battle Pyramid, and Scott advises the group to stand back. The groupPyramid's discoverscorners thatslide outward and dust begins to be kicked up. The massive structure lifts into the Pyramidsky canon flyrotors that keep it aloft, allowing itBrandon to move to the his next ruins Brandonsite. desiresMay tonotices explore.a Ashgolden spotsbird in the sky, and the whole group witnesses the real Ho-Oh flying in the distance,. Ash rememberingremember how he saw it [[EP001|when he first started out]] on his journey. He uses itthis to inspire himself to train for the rematch. But for now, the [[Grand Festival]] is on the horizon, forand May and she can'tcannot wait to put herself to the ultimate test...
==Major events==