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Erm...: new section
It came to my attention that [[User:OminousWind]] has replaced all the Greek names in move's names with swearwords; some of them particularly vulgar. 278 edits in total. Just a friendly tip from an oldtimer :) [[User:Arty2|Arty2]] ([[User talk:Arty2|talk]]) 16:22, 9 December 2012 (UTC)
:I just looked at some of them on Google Translate, and it looks like you're right. Thanks for letting us know. I'll talk to a staff member who understands Greek a little better to handle it. (I know nothing about Greek :p). Cheers. '''''[[User:Pokemaster97|<span style="color:Blue;">--Pokemaster</span>]][[User talk:Pokemaster97|<span style="color:Blue;">97</span>]]''''' 16:37, 9 December 2012 (UTC)
== Erm... ==
Hi Pokemaster. I'm coming to you regarding the edit I made to the disambiguation page "Unknown" within the past few minutes. I added info regarding Gen. VI's unreleased region name, and I intended to remove it from the page willingly once its name was officially revealed, when the time comes. I just thought that since clicking on the region's name brought me to that disambiguation page, I thought that it would be a lot better if it was even mentioned there, if only temporarily. I know the summary of your edit said "Unnecessary," but I, for one, believe it is necessary until the official name is introduced. Once it becomes outdated, it becomes unnecessary on that disambiguation page, which would then justify itself for being removed from the disambiguation page. I hope you understand my concerns. Have a great day! 〜[[User:Pikachu9000|<span style="color:#F25022">Pi</span><span style="color:#7FBA00">ka</span><span style="color:#01A4EF">chu</span>]][[User talk:Pikachu9000|<span style="color:#FFB901">9000</span>]] 01:42, 9 January 2013 (UTC)