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Double battles were introduced into the [[Pokémon games]] in [[Generation III]]. However, the idea had been presented in the [[Pokémon anime]] and the [[Electric Tale of Pikachu]] manga long before that.
=Pokémon Pairs often used in Double Battles=
*Two of the exact same Pokémon
*A Pokémon and its evolved or pre-evolved form
*Two Pokémon of the same type
*A Pokémon with high attack and high defense.
*A Pokémon venerable to thunder-type attacks and a Pokémon with the {{a|Lightningrod}} ability.
*A Pokémon venerable to water-type attacks and a Pokémon with the {{a|Storm Drain}} ability.
*Any two [[Starter Pokémon]]
*[[Pikachu]] with a Pikachu-like Pokémon({{p|Plusle}}, {{p|Minun}}, {{p|Marill}} and {{p|Pachirisu}}
*[[Butterfree]] and [[Beedrill]]
*[[Pidgeot]], [[Noctowl]], [[Swellow]], and/or [[Staraptor]]
*[[Nidoqueen]] and [Nidoking]]
*[[Clefable]]/[[Clefairy]] and [[Wigglytuff]]/[[Jigglypuff]]
*[[Vileplume]] and [[Victreebel]]
*[[Arcanine]] and [[Ninetales]]
*[[Alakazam]] and [[Machamp]]
*[[Hitmonlee]], [[Nitmonchan]], and/or [[Hitmontop]]
*[[Arbok]] and [[Weezing]]
*Ditto with another Pokémon
*[[Magmortar]]/[[Magmar]] and [[Electivire]]/[[Electabuzz]]
*[[Pinsir]] and [[Heracross]]
*[[Gyarados]] and [[Milotic]]
*Rarely [[Magikarp]] and [[Feebas]]
*[[Tauros]] and [[Miltank]]
*Any combination of [[Eevee]]'s Evolutions usually
[[Vaporeon]], [[Jolteon]] and/or [[Flareon]]
[[Umbreon]] and [[Espeon]]
[[Leafeon]] and [[Glaceon]]
*[[Omastar]] and [[Kabutops]]
*[[Dragonite]], [[Tyranitar]], [[Salamence]], [[Metagross]], [[Aggron]], [[Flygon]], and/or [[Garchomp]]
*[[Bellossom]] with [[Vileplume]] and/or [[Sunflora]]
*[[Quagsire]] and [[Whiscash]]
*[[Beautifly]] with [[Dustox]] or [[Butterfree]]
*[[Ludicolo]] and [[Shiftry]]
*[[Plusle]] and [[Minun]]
*[[Volbeat]] and [[Illumise]]
*[[Zangoose]] and [[Seviper]]
*[[Lunatone]] and [[Solrock]]
*[[Cradily]] and [[Armaldo]]
*[[Banette]] and[[Dusclops]]/{{p|Dusknoir}}
*[[Glalie]] and [[Froslass]]
*[[Huntail]] and [[Gorebyss]]
*[[Rampardos]] and [[Bastiodon]]
*{{p|Bonsly}}/{{p|Sudowoodo}} and{{p|Mime Jr.}}/{{p|Mr.Mime}}
*{{p|Gallade}} and {{p|Gardevoir}}
==Legendary Pairs often used in Double Battles==
*Two of [[Kanto]]'s [[legendary birds]]
*Two of [[Johto]]'s [[legendary beasts]
*Two of [[Hoenn]]'s [[legendary golems]] and/or {{p|Regigigas}}
*Two of [[Sinnoh]]'s [[lake trio]]
*Two of [[weather trio|Hoenn's trio]] of [[weather conditions|weather] ({{p|Groudon}}, {{p|Kyogre}}, and {{p|Rayquaza}})
*{{p|Groudon}} with {{p|Cherrim}}, fire-type Pokémon, and other Pokémon that benefit from sunlight.
*{{p|Kyogre}} with {{p|Ludicolo}}, water-type Pokémon, and oter Pokémon that benefit from rain
*{{p|Deoxys}} with another {{p|Deoxys}} of a different form.
*Two of the cute [[legendary pokémon]]
*{{p|Mew}} and {{p|Mewtwo}}
*{{p|Latios}} and {{p|Latias}}
*{{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}, sometimes grouped with {{p|Giratina}}, {{p|Heatran}} and {{p|Arceus}}
*{{p|Darkrai}} with {{p|Cresselia}} or a Pokémon who's attacks are geared towards sleeping Pokémon.
=Effects on moves=