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Double Battle

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Pokémon Pairs often used in Double Battles
*A Pokémon and its evolved or pre-evolved form
*Two Pokémon of the same type
*A Pokémon with high attack and a Pokémon with high defense.
*A Pokémon venerable to thunder-type attacks and a Pokémon with the {{a|Lightningrod}} ability.
*A Pokémon venerable to water-type attacks and a Pokémon with the {{a|Storm Drain}} ability.
*[[Arcanine]] and [[Ninetales]]
*[[Alakazam]] and [[Machamp]]
*[[Hitmonlee]], [[NitmonchanHitmonchan]], and/or [[Hitmontop]]
*[[Arbok]] and [[Weezing]]
*Ditto with another Pokémon