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Team Skull (Mystery Dungeon)

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Later, the team arrives in the [[Wigglytuff Guild]], where it is revealed to the hero and his/her partner that Skuntank is the team's boss. He greets the hero by blasting him/her with his horrible stench, knocking them out and filling the room with the awful smell. Unlike his allies, Skuntank proves to be exceptionally tough and clever. Team Skull attempts to earn their way into the Guild's exploration, in order to later turn on them and take their treasures. During the first night of their stay, Team Skull sneaks into the guild's food storage and eat all the Perfect Apples. When {{p|Chatot}} assigns the player and partner to pick up Perfect Apples to refill the storage, Team Skull beats them to the location, eats all the apples, and easily knocks out the player's team with Skuntank and Koffing's "noxious gas combo", a combination of their terrible stenches (which accidentally knocks out Zubat as well). Upon returning to the guild, Chatot is very unhappy with the player's failure, refusing to hear the explanation about what happened, and the player's team is sent to bed without dinner as punishment. Skuntank then presents Wigglytuff with a Perfect Apple (stopping the latter's tantrum), and is made out to be the hero.
During the Guild's exploration, Team Skull confronts the hero's team after they cleared the fog of Fogbound Lake and attempt to knock them out with the noxious gas combo, Wigglytuff arrives the scene having been chasing his Perfect Apple then assigns the player and the partner to explore the forest even though they already did. He also doesn't let Team Skull explore, not wanting to burden them (which he actually is). Skuntank and Koffing try to knock out Wigglytuff with their gas combo and mug a rumored treasure he possesses, but Wigglytuff shrugs it off. Wigglytuff ends up single-handedly defeating Team Skull (although this wasn't shown). After the expedition, Team Skull wanted to get revenge on Wigglytuff, but they realize they are no match for him. Later, Zubat proposes that they target the player's team, since they are "wimpy". Skuntank agrees and a few days later, Team Skull steals the {{p|Marill}} brothers' Water Float and puts it in the deepest part of [[Amp Plains]], hoping that the player's team will be attacked by the [[Amp Plains tribes|Luxray and the Luxio tribe]] (in Explorers of Time and Darkness) or Manectric and the Electrike tribe (in Explorers of Sky).
During the final part of the main story, the player's team goes to [[Brine Cave]] with the Relic Fragment to gain access to the [[Hidden Land]]. Toward the way-point of the cave, Team Skull appears and steals the Relic Fragment once again with Chatot on hot pursuit. However, they are ambushed by a group of {{p|Omastar}} and {{p|Kabutops}}. After these [[Fossil]] Pokémon are defeated, Skuntank ends up giving the Relic Fragment back to the player's team, though still acting like a tough guy. Skuntank claims that when they meet another time, they would be "back to their old tricks", though Team Skull is never seen again.