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After Yappy finds him, Ryouga is taken back to the gang's current whereabouts and finds Hariru and Carola there. Despite Ryouga offering to have them join his group, Hariru refuses, but decides to fight with Ryouga the next time they meet. The two groups go on their separate ways; Ryouga's group to heal from their injuries, and Hariru and Carola to go and take revenge on Fraud.
[[File:Ryouga power up.png|thumb|left|200px|Ryouga gaining the power of all the Pokémon]]
Later, Ryouga senses a great power belonging to Fraud that suddenly emerged. Fearing that he has become too powerful to be defeated, Ryouga takes the Compass of Light at puts all the Burst Hearts into it. All five grab the compass, which starts floating and flies off to where Arcades is. They eventually reach an unknown island, where they find a statue of Garyū atop an altar.
Unconscious, Ryouga enters his mind, only to find his father there. Devastated about what had led up to his defeat, Ryouga apologizes to his father only to get punched in the face. When Garyū asks if he's going to give up, Ryouga states that he won't. Pleased with his answer, Garyū reveals that Ryouga's Burst form is incomplete, as it is missing Zekrom's tail. He calls Zekrom to their side and it gives Ryouga its full power, completing their Burst form in the process.
Much to Yappy and Miruto's surprise, Ryouga immediately wakes up and activates Burst, which has now gained a tail. As he prepares to go to the tower, Ryouga asks his father to watch over him. He flies to the tower, where he finds Fraud waiting for him at the top. Fraud, broadcasting their upcoming fight worldwide, invites the world to watch the final show before he begins his plan to destroy life.
Although Ryouga has gained Zekrom's tail, Fraud still proves to be a very powerful opponent with his large variety of Burst forms. Just when it seems that Fraud is going to win once again, Ryouga receives power from the Pokémon all over the area. The power gives Ryouga a massive boost in power that allows him to deal a powerful blow to Fraud. The power isn't enough to defeat him, however, and the two settle their matches in their normal forms.
[[File:RéBURST end.png|thumb|right|200px|Ryouga setting off again]]
The fight finally ends when Fraud turns into a statue after having abused to power of Arcades far too much. With Fraud a statue, the caretaker arrives at the tower to take him back to the island so she can guard him. Although she hands Ryouga the compass he left behind, Ryouga decides to throw it away.
Several months later, Ryouga decides to leave his home to go on another journey. After doing some research, Ryouga has found a place where he can free Zekrom from its Burst Heart. With his friends, Miruto, Yappy, Karuta, and Rug, Ryouga sets off on another adventure.
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File:Ryouga concept art.jpg|Concept art of Ryouga's face
File:Ryouga concept art 2.jpg|Concept art of Ryouga's outfits
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File:Ryouga Miruto concept color.jpg|Preliminary coloring of Ryouga's clothes
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