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====Puck colors and spin colors====
Introduced on pucks from Battrio V, pucks may have either a black or white base as opposed to the Poké Ball designs prior to the upgrade. Grouping pucks by their base color will determine which legendary Pokémon is summoned if '''{{Battrio|Advent}}''' is successfully triggered (see [[#Battling|Battling]]). Pucks also have colored segments at three points of the circumference, which denotes their spin color. Spin colors are either red, green, or blue. Grouping pucks by their spin color will allow the player to execute a '''{{Battrio|Spin Attack}}''' during the course of the battle. Pucks above Triple rarity do not to have base colors or spin colors. However, with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Sacred Sword Gathering}}'' expansion, scanning in a Triple rarity or above puck alongside two other pucks with the same base colors will result in the rarer puck adopting the same base color, allowing more powerful teams to ultilizeutilize Advent.