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As with most games that have a collection element, the pucks in Pokémon Battrio have several levels of rarity across each expansion, as more powerful Pokémon are inherently rarer than weaker ones. Rarity in Battrio is displayed by featuring the designs of different [[Poké Ball]]s on the reverse of pucks, and their primary color schemes on the outer circumference on both sides. Each expansion features four core rarities: Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master, represented by a Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball respectively. As the development of Battrio has continued, other Poké Ball designs have been used on special promotional pucks, or on secret pucks included in main expansions. Typically, all Hyper and Master pucks have a holographic illustration. Some pucks, particularly in later Battrio 0 expansions had additional aesthetic enhancements such as translucent circumferences and glitter-treated circumferences.
With the Battrio V upgrade, rarity is indicated by stars on the front and reverse of the pucks. Single rarity pucks have no additional features; Double rarity pucks have translucent spin colors and a holographic illustration; Triple rarity pucks have glitter-treated circumferences and a holographic illustration; Fourth rarity pucks have glitter-treated circumferences and a lenticular image illustration, giving a 3D effect; V rarity pucks also have glitter-treated circumferences and a lenticular image, but with a 'moving' attack. The table below lists the current rarities in Battrio.
*'''Poison:''' The HP of the opposing team will decrease while any opposing Pokémon move.
The original Special Abilities were no longer supported with the Battrio V upgrade, but new ones began to be introuducedintroduced with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Burning Wings - Cold Fangs}}'' expansion.