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After saying their goodbyes, Ryouga, Miruto, and Yappy encounter a much taller Karuta again while traveling. Karuta reveals to them that Ryouga's help had allowed his body and mind go through a growth spurt and he joins their group. Not long after, they are attacked by a thief named [[Rug]], who aims to steal Ryouga's Burst Heart and sell it to Great Gavel for money. They manage to defeat Rug and Ryouga lets her join their group, much to the protest of Miruto.
[[File:Ryouga vs Danke.png|thumb|left|200px|Ryouga vs Danke]]
While searching for another Burst Heart to fill the Compass of Light, Ryouga finds out about a Strongman tournament held in Kanai Town. Ryouga and Yappy enter the tournament in order to win the second place prize, a Burst Heart. While Yappy is eliminated as early as round one, Ryouga makes it to the finals where he faces Danke, another man aiming to win the Burst Heart to impress the girl he likes. In the final round, an arm wrestling match, Danke uses the Burst Heart prize, a {{p|Throh}}, to face Ryouga in a Burst Warrior arm wrestling game. Danke manages to defeat Ryouga, giving him the Burst Heart as a result until it's stolen by a bandaged man named [[Sabin]].
Despite Ryouga's protests, Rug and Karuta chase after Sabin but are defeated in the process of knocking the Compass of Light out of his hands. After catching up, Ryouga demands to know why he's attempting to stop him from reaching Arcades. Sabin answers him by saying he was hired by Garyū, Ryouga's father. Having seen what Sabin has done to Karuta and Rug, Ryouga Burst's and begins to battle the {{p|Sigilyph}} Burst Warrior.
|epname=The Closed Path
|desc={{p|Sigilyph}} is Ryouga's fourth known Pokémon. Ryouga received it from [[Sabin]] after their battle.}}