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Unova Route 3

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Route description: map description says "pond" not "lake"
==Route description==
Route 3 starts off with a short simple path to the north after exiting Striaton City. Straight ahead is the [[Pokémon Day Care]] and a school where several {{tc|Preschooler}}s can be fought. The player can travel westwards to find two separate paths; a patch of tall grass is located to the north of this path. The player can continue to the west to find [[Wellspring Cave]] or to the south, which travels along the shore of a lakepond. The player can then cross it by a bridge to the west leading to [[Nacrene City]], past a few patches of tall grass.
When the player first locates the Pokémon Day Care, only one Pokémon can be deposited. After meeting the Day Care man in Nimbasa City and helping him against some Team Plasma grunts, he'll return to the Day Care and two Pokémon can now be deposited in the Day Care, allowing for [[Pokémon breeding]] to now occur. Later after obtaining {{HM|03|Surf}}, the player can travel across the lake to the other side. On the west side of the lake, the player can find two patches of tall grass and a {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}}.