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* {{u|MissingNO}} - I can {{tt|edit|Animate, Tranparentize, Flip, Recolour, Copy, Whatever.}} any sprites that need it.
* {{u|tmazzy}} - shiny sprites. bothe animated and non-animated
* {{u|Pikachu9000}} - I can find very high quality animated Menusprites and Battlesprites of all Pokémon, including Missingno, {{tt|as long as the site I get them from isn't disabled.|Recently, I had to change my source site because the original was disabled.}} Although, I cannot correct, change, or edit any discolorations due to the applications that I have on the computers that I use most frequently (Only MS Paint).
* {{u|Tk3141}} - I'm not sure what I can do, but I'll help where I can.
* {{u|Vuvuzela2010}} - I can make sprites transparent. The Colosseum sprite and XD sprite catalogue is about halfway complete, so I'll try to complete it in the coming months whenever I have time. I will also see if I can upload animated sprites for BW, ect., and I would help convert the Crystal sprites to PNG if needed.