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== Basic Info ==
I don't have user tags yet, so lets just sum this up in words.
I'm a girl, and eleven years old. I am Aquarius, and love fire types. My favorite Pokémon is {{p|Lucario}}, my favorite legendary is {{p|Arceus}}, and my favorite Bakugan are Wavern and Naga.I also have a Pokésona named Rena, I will have a userpage on her later. I'm also a blue belt in taekwando. Oh yeah, and I've been obsessed with Sonic(the series) lately. GO SHADOW! XD
== My Bakugan ==
== Team Budew ==
Zewis29 is the new leader.
== Pokémon teams ==
This will be what I call my 'exploration teams', as in the teams with my powerhouses, HM slaves, and so on. I change my party often, and you may not see any of these Pokémon online if you battle me.
Tsutarja ♂
Name: Jap name of {{p|Snivy}}
Name: lightning in the ancient language(Inheritance Cycle)
Name: Duh.
Dolly ♀
Name:Dolly Parton has a song about a {{p|Pidove|dove}}.
Monkeygal ♂
Name:Zaphod calls Arthur 'monkeyman' at some point in H2G2 and I figured, 'Well, {{p|Simipour}} looks like a girl, so I'll call it Monkeygal!'(LOL Gender fail!)
This spot rotates so much, I don't even know who is my regular in it. LOL
== Quotes ==
These will be quotes that I think are funny for whatever reason.
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