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trainerclass=PokèmonPokémon Trainer, Champion|
league=Pokémon League (Sinnoh)|
'''ruberduck0123''' (Japanese: '''ユーバーダック''' Yubadakku) is a PokèmonPokémon Trainer who is currently in Unova. He is also the Champion in Sinnoh and Kanto.
==How It All Started==
OK, enough with the third person. My first ever PokèmonPokémon game was LeafGreen, and my starter was Bulbasaur. I got it when I was 4, or maybe 5. I dunno, it was a while back. I then got Ruby, maybe when I was 6. Unfortunately, I lost both of them (the game cartriges), and I lost interest in PokèmonPokémon... until Diamond and Pearl came out.
===The Return of PokèmonPokémon Interest===
When Diamond and Pearl came out, I wanted a copy. So, about a year after its release date, give or take 6 months, I got one. I was overwhelmedamazed by the graphics (at the time), and I enjoyed it. A lot.
===2 Years After DP===
Seeing the ads for HeartGold and SoulSilver made me want to get it, but I didn't get it until Christmas 2010. I ended up getting HeartGold. During that time, I was also thinking about getting PokèmonPokémon White. The perfect opportunity came during my birthday. I went and pre-ordered PokèmonPokémon White with my birthday cash. And on the 10th of March, I went and got it. I now have PokèmonPokémon White, and a new DS case that came with the pre-order!
There you go. My life story on PokèmonPokémon.
==Game Status==
===Battle Videos===
I only have one Battle Video uploaded to the Global Terminal. It's from Pokémon White, and it was against me and my friend. The video number is '''45-27179-24591'''
Check it out if you have the time!