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ユーバーダック Yubadakku
Black White Hilbert.png
ruberduck0123 as he appears in Unova
Gender Male
Hometown Nuvema Town
Region Unova
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, Champion
Champion of Pokémon League (Unova)

ruberduck0123 (Japanese: ユーバーダック Yubadakku) is a Pokémon Trainer who is currently in Unova. He is also the Champion in Unova, Sinnoh and Kanto.

How It All Started

OK, enough with the third person. My first ever Pokémon game was LeafGreen, and my starter was Bulbasaur. I got it when I was 4, or maybe 5. I dunno, it was a while back. I then got Ruby, maybe when I was 6. Unfortunately, I lost both of them (the game cartriges), and I lost interest in Pokémon... until Diamond and Pearl came out.

The Return of Pokémon Interest

When Diamond and Pearl came out, I wanted a copy. So, about a year after its release date, give or take 6 months, I got one. I was amazed by the graphics (at the time), and I enjoyed it. A lot.

2 Years After DP

Seeing the ads for HeartGold and SoulSilver made me want to get it, but I didn't get it until Christmas 2010. I ended up getting HeartGold. During that time, I was also thinking about getting Pokémon White. The perfect opportunity came during my birthday. I went and pre-ordered Pokémon White with my birthday cash. And on the 10th of March, I went and got it. I now have Pokémon White, and a new DS case that came with the pre-order!

There you go. My life story on Pokémon.

Game Status

NOTE: Pokémon White data will be updated once per second day, due to the userspace limit of one edit per day. Will also restart HearGold and (maybe) Nuzlocke Diamond


Battle Videos

I only have one Battle Video uploaded to the Global Terminal. It's from Pokémon White, and it was against me and my friend. The video number is 45-27179-24591

Check it out if you have the time!