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Main cast
[[File:Gabriel Ramos.jpg|thumb|right|190px|Gabriel Ramos]]
'''Gabriel Ramos''' (born September 18, 1986) was chosen by the Nintendo authority in charge of the dubbing in Mexico at that time and so, he provided the voice of [[Ash Ketchum]] from [[EP001]] until [[DP090]]. He then quit voice acting due to commitments to the Latin American {{wp|MTV}}, where he works as a VJ. From [[DP091]]-[[DP104]], he was replaced by '''Irwin Daayán'''. Ramos has since returned to dub Ash starting from [[DP105]] thanks to his fans. Although Ramos currently resides in {{wp|Argentina}}, he iswas able to record Ash's voice at a recording studio called '''Sonar Studio''' and sendssend the recordings over the internet to the dubbing company in Mexico. He is replaced by '''Miguel Ángel Leal''' since [[DP158]], because the new client did not want Ramos to keep voicing Ash while living in Argentina, since there he didn't have any voice direction. Other series Ramos has dubbed for include {{wp|Ippo Makunouchi}} in {{wp|Fighting Spirit (manga)|Fighting Spirit}}, MegaMan.EXE in {{wp|MegaMan NT Warrior}}, Remi in the redub of {{wp|Nobody's Boy: Remi}} and Gerald (second voice) in {{wp|Hey Arnold!}}.
[[File:Irwin Daayan.jpg|thumb|left|190px|Irwin Daayán]]
[[File:Xochitl Ugarte.jpg|thumb|right|120px|Xóchitl Ugarte]]
{{an|Misty}} is dubbed by experienced voice actress '''Xóchitl Ugarte''' (born April 21, 1979), who also voices for [[Oscar and Andi|Andi]], {{si|Kenny}}, and [[Angie]]. She also is famous for dubbing {{wp|Sabrina Spellman}} (originally played by {{wp|Melissa Joan Hart}}) in {{wp|Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV series)|Sabrina, the Teenage Witch}} and Diva in {{wp|Blood+}}. She is the sister of '''Gaby Ugarte''' and '''Victor Ugarte'''.
[[File:Gaby Ugarte.jpg|thumb|left|120px|Gaby Ugarte]]
'''Gaby Ugarte''' (born December 22, 1983) provided the voices for {{an|Dawn}} (from [[DP001]]-[[DP104]], [[DP158]]-present), {{mov|Melody}}, [[Jasmine]] and [[Giselle]]. She also dubs in other series, such as {{wp|Kuki Sanban}}/Numbuh Three in {{wp|Codename: Kids Next Door}}, Zatch Bell and Zeno Bell in {{wp|Zatch Bell!}}, Saya Otonashi in {{wp|Blood+}} and Gwen Tennyson in {{wp|Ben 10}} and {{wp|Ben 10: Alien Force}}. Ugarte left the show when dubbing production was moved to AF The Dubbing House, right at [[DP105|the beginning]] of the ''[[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles|Galactic Battles]]'' season., but came back in the next season.
'''Leyla Rangel''' began voicingvoiced Dawn after Gaby Ugarte left in the show12nd season. Besides giving her voice to [[Mars]] during the [[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles|previous season]], Leyla's prominent dubbing roles include Kagome Higurashi in {{wp|InuYasha}}, Kimberly Ann Possible in {{wp|Kim Possible}}, Estella Malone in {{wp|JONAS}}, Hermione Granger in the {{wp|Harry Potter film series}} (from {{wp|Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (film)|The Goblet of Fire}} onwards), Ami in {{wp|Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi}}, and several of {{wp|Raven-Symoné}}'s TV and movie roles like {{wp|That's So Raven}} and {{wp|The Cheetah Girls}}. <ref>[ "Leyla Rangel" in Doblaje Wiki (in Spanish)]</ref>
'''Gabriel Gama''' provided the voice of {{an|Brock}} from the character's introduction until [[DP020]] (except for [[DP010]]), after which he left for unknown reasons, but came back in the 13th season. During the break between Gabriel Gama's return to the cast, '''Alan Prieto''' voiced Brock in [[DP010]] and from [[DP021]] until [[DP157]].
'''Alan Prieto''' is Brock's current voice actor, beginning from [[DP021]].
Brock was voiced by '''Arturo Mercado Jr.''' in ''[[M04|Celebi: Voice of the Forest]]'' and ''[[M05|Pokémon Heroes]]''.