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Transcript of episode 117: new section
I don't know if this has already been discussed, but are synopses are supposed to be written in present tense, right? And if yes, are they supposed to be written in present tense everywhere, i.e. the "In the anime" section of an article? &rarr;'''[[User:Axxonn|<span style="color:#000000">&Alpha;&Chi;&Chi;&Omicron;&Nu;&Nu;</span>]][[User talk:Axxonn|<span style="color:#A64B19"><sub>fi</sub></span>]][[Special:Contributions/Axxonn|<span style="color:#A64B19"><sub>re</sub></span>]]''' 12:38, 15 December 2010 (UTC)
== Transcript of episode 117 ==
Narrator: Once again, our heroes have left the comforts of Pallet Town behind them. Their sights set on a new goal. Now, Ash and his friends are headed towards New Bark Town and the Johto League. Well, Maybe...
Pikachu: Pi? Pika Pi!
Ash: huh?
Pikachu: Pika Pika!
Ash: What Pikachu? Yeah, that branch looks familiar...
Misty: ASH?! You mean...
Pikachu: Piiika.
Misty: Oh No! We've been walking around in circles all day! You said you knew where you were going and we're totally lost now! Where do we go?
Ash: Well if you're so smart, Why don't you be the one to decide?!
Misty: Hmph, That's a good idea! I'll find a way out of here!
Ash: Cmon, Misty, let's go! We're waiting for your directions!
Misty: Don't rush me, Ash! I just have to think!
Ash: Well, this is gonna be a brand new experience for you!
Brock: HEY! *pushes them away* YELLING NEVER SOLVES EVERYTHING SO JUST CALM DOWN! You two have to learn to be more mature like me!
Ash+Misty: Uuuuuh...
Topegi: Toki! Toki Toki Pi! *runs away*
Misty: Huh?
Pikachu: *follows*
Ash: Pikachu! PIKACHU! *runs after*
Topegi, Ash and Pikachu: *looking at Suicine*
Ash: woah!
*title card*
*Suicine is shown*
Brock: A pokemon!
Misty: ... It's beautiful!
Ash: It sure is!
Suicine: *runs away*
Ash: *runs after and falls down hill*
Topegi, Pikachu, Misty and Brock: *all run after and also fall down*
Jigglypuff: *walks up* Pi pi pi pii? *follows after* *happily:* PI PI PI PIIIIII!
*Camera shows Jessie, James and Meowth sihlouetted in fog*
Jessie: We'll never find our way in this...
James: This fog is as thick as pea soup....
Meowth: Except without the little chunks of ham!
*Fog clears, showing them more clearly*
Jessie: It looks like it's finally lifted!
James: =Dibbydy Dah!
*they start running but quickly get puffed out*
Meowth: What's that?
*they look up*
James: It looks like a university!
Meowth: Or even some kind of school!
Jessie: Well if it is, it must have some kind of cafeteria!
*A group of fearows rush out*
Jessie, James and Meowth: *scream and run into prof. Elm's lab* This is for the worst!
Elm: Is that you, Nurse Joy?
Team Rocket: eh?
Elm: Thanks for coming over in such short notice. I guess I shoulda called weeks ago, but I got caught up in my research project.
Jessie and James: *gulp* derh..
Elm: You'll find the pokemon we talked about running around the lab somewhere.
James: Pokemon?
Elm: Is there a problem, Nurse Joy?
Jessie: Not a problem in the world!
James: JESSIE!
Jessie: *gives James a nudgie* Just be quiet, I'll handle this! *stops* Well, now that Nurse Joy is finally here, what would you like me to do for you?
Elm: What we talked about on the phone. A complete check up for the Totodile.
Jessie and James: Totodile?
Meowth: *jumps in front of camera screaming*
Jessie and James: Huh? *look round and see Meowth's tail being bit by Totodile*
Totodile: *looks at them*
Team Rocket: WHA?!
Totodile: Totodile. *uses water gun at James' face*
James: Urgh...
Jessie: Oh, Silly me! How could I have forgotten that? I'll take it right over to the pokemon center! *grabs Team Rocket and Totodile* Bye Bye!
Elm: Thanks, Nurse Joy. Great to see ya.
*Misty, Ash and Brock are showing*
Misty: Urgh, I don't think I can go much further...
Brock: Me neither...
Ash: Hey look what that sign says!
Misty: Hey, Ash, maybe we'll see another one of those pokemon we saw in the wood...
Ash: ... oh yeah...
If anyone would like to continue on it, feel free.