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Transcript of episode 117
== Transcript of episode 117 ==
*Narrator: Once again, our heroes have left the comforts of Pallet Town behind them. Their sights set on a new goal. Now, Ash and his friends are *headed towards New Bark Town and the Johto League. Well, Maybe...
*Pikachu: Pi? Pika Pi!
*Ash: huh?
*Pikachu: Pika Pika!
*Ash: What Pikachu? Yeah, that branch looks familiar...
*Misty: ASH?! You mean...
*Pikachu: Piiika.
*Misty: Oh No! We've been walking around in circles all day! You said you knew where you were going and we're totally lost now! Where do we go?
*Ash: Well if you're so smart, Why don't you be the one to decide?!
*Misty: Hmph, That's a good idea! I'll find a way out of here!
*Ash: Cmon, Misty, let's go! We're waiting for your directions!
*Misty: Don't rush me, Ash! I just have to think!
*Ash: Well, this is gonna be a brand new experience for you!
*Brock: HEY! *pushes them away* YELLING NEVER SOLVES EVERYTHING SO JUST CALM DOWN! You two have to learn to be more mature like me!
*Ash+Misty: Uuuuuh...
*Topegi: Toki! Toki Toki Pi! *runs away*
*Misty: Huh?
*Pikachu: *follows*
*Ash: Pikachu! PIKACHU! *runs after*
*Topegi, Ash and Pikachu: *looking at Suicine*
*Ash: woah!
*title card*
*Suicine is shown*
*Brock: A pokemon!
*Misty: ... It's beautiful!
*Ash: It sure is!
*Suicine: *runs away*
*Ash: *runs after and falls down hill*
*Topegi, Pikachu, Misty and Brock: *all run after and also fall down*
*Jigglypuff: *walks up* Pi pi pi pii? *follows after* *happily:* PI PI PI PIIIIII!
*Camera shows Jessie, James and Meowth sihlouetted in fog*
*Jessie: We'll never find our way in this...
*James: This fog is as thick as pea soup....
*Meowth: Except without the little chunks of ham!
*Fog clears, showing them more clearly*
*Jessie: It looks like it's finally lifted!
*James: =Dibbydy Dah!
*they start running but quickly get puffed out*
*Meowth: What's that?
*they look up*
*James: It looks like a university!
*Meowth: Or even some kind of school!
*Jessie: Well if it is, it must have some kind of cafeteria!
*A group of fearows rush out*
*Jessie, James and Meowth: *scream and run into prof. Elm's lab* This is for the worst!
*Elm: Is that you, Nurse Joy?
*Team Rocket: eh?
*Elm: Thanks for coming over in such short notice. I guess I shoulda called weeks ago, but I got caught up in my research project.
*Jessie and James: *gulp* derh..
*Elm: You'll find the pokemon we talked about running around the lab somewhere.
*James: Pokemon?
*Elm: Is there a problem, Nurse Joy?
*Jessie: Not a problem in the world!
*James: JESSIE!
*Jessie: *gives James a nudgie* Just be quiet, I'll handle this! *stops* Well, now that Nurse Joy is finally here, what would you like me to do for you?
*Elm: What we talked about on the phone. A complete check up for the Totodile.
*Jessie and James: Totodile?
*Meowth: *jumps in front of camera screaming*
*Jessie and James: Huh? *look round and see Meowth's tail being bit by Totodile*
*Totodile: *looks at them*
*Team Rocket: WHA?!
*Totodile: Totodile. *uses water gun at James' face*
*James: Urgh...
*Jessie: Oh, Silly me! How could I have forgotten that? I'll take it right over to the pokemon center! *grabs Team Rocket and Totodile* Bye Bye!
*Elm: Thanks, Nurse Joy. Great to see ya.
*Misty, Ash and Brock are showing*
*Misty: Urgh, I don't think I can go much further...
*Brock: Me neither...
*Ash: Hey look what that sign says!
*Misty: Hey, Ash, maybe we'll see another one of those pokemon we saw in the wood...
*Ash: ... oh yeah...