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'''Emerald''' (Japanese: '''エメラルド''') is the eleventh main character of the manga series [[Pokémon Special]]. His origin is unknown.
He recently appeared in the [[Battle Frontier]], having been brought there by {{p|Latios}} and {{p|Latias}}. There he met [[Todd]]. After he bound and gagged [[Dome Ace Tucker|Tucker]] and stole his {{p|Salamence}}, Emerald was about to be banned from the Frontier; until it was revealed that Emerald was becoming a media darling. Upon the risk of losing major publicity, the [[Frontier Brains]] and [[Scott]] eventually agreed to his challenge: he would defeat all of the 7 Brains within 7 days.
Emerald seems to have an issue with his own height, as he wears his hair tall, clothing with extra long sleeves, and platform shoes. Much of his clothing appears to be intended to make him look taller than he really is. Even despite this, Emerald is much shorter than he already appears, as revealed by [[Arena Tycoon Greta|Greta]] and Todd while he is sleeping.
Emerald doesn't like Pokémon themselves, but he likes Pokémon battles. To the amazement of Todd, he is an expert at battling. As he does not train his own Pokémon, he borrows the Pokémon he uses from [[Crystal (Special)|Crystal]].