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In Method #3, A [[Pokémon]] encountered using the Mew glitch is most commonly level 7 because as one Pokémon's Special Stat corresponds to the index number of the Pokémon, the Pokémon's level also corresponds to the attack stage of the last encountered Pokémon. This is usually 7, presuming the opponent's attack stage is neutral, but will range from 1 to 13 depending on how many attack boosts or drops the opponent received. For example, if the player used {{m|Growl}} on the Pokémon six times, he or she could encounter a level 1 Pokémon. However, Pokémon ranging from levels 14 to 256 (0) cannot be found this way, because a Pokémon cannot have more than six attack boosts or drops.<ref>[http://glitchcity.info/docs/ditto]</ref>
If Method #3 is used and a Glitch Trainer is encountered, they will have a different team corresponding to the "level" number. Usually the game will attempt to load their 7th team in memory. Most Trainers only have one set team, causing glitchy teams if Growl is not used to lower the "level" to 1 (since they do not have a 2nd, 3rd, etc. team). The only exception is [[Professor Oak|Prof. Oak]] and the [[Rival]], who have three different teams based on the [[player character|player's]] starter. This is the only way to face Prof. Oak with his original team.
===Glitch Pokémon===