Solgaleo Treat

The Solgaleo Treat (Japanese: ソルガレオのおやつ Solgaleo Snack) is a Key Item introduced in Generation IX. It is one of the treats obtained from Snacksworth, which are used to encounter Legendary Pokémon in Paldea.

Solgaleo Treat
Solgaleo Snack
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Solgaleo Treat
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Introduced in Generation IX
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In the core series games


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The Solgaleo Treat allows the player to encounter and battle Solgaleo at the Pokémon League. Showing the Solgaleo Treat to Snacksworth will have him provide the player a hint to Solgaleo's location.


Games Description
SV A snack made from ingredients favored by the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo.


Games Method
SVID Blueberry Academy entrance (from Snacksworth, after completing 10 solo Blueberry QuestsS/one group Blueberry QuestV)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 索爾迦雷歐的點心 Sokyíhgālèuihāu-dīk Dímsām
Mandarin 索爾迦雷歐的點心 / 索尔迦雷欧的点心 Suǒ'ěrjiāléi'ōu-de Diǎnxīn
  French Friandise Solgaleo
  German Solgaleo-Snack
  Italian Spuntino per Solgaleo
  Korean 솔가레오의간식 Solgaleo's Snack
  Spanish Galleta Solgaleo

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