So and Sue

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(Japanese: ソウ ) and Sue (Japanese: サエ Sae) are two characters of the day who appeared in Distant Blue Sky!. The husband and wife are the parents of son Sunny, who passed away one year prior to the events of Distant Blue Sky! due to an illness.

So and Sue

After being chased by a swarm of Beedrill, Ash and Pikachu stumbled across a wooden lodge in the mountains, where they met So and Sue. While So was oddly annoyed, Sue gave the young Trainer a knapsack of Oran Barries and freshly baked bread for his journey.

Sunny guided Ash back to the lodge, this time with a blue hat he retrieved from a group of Mankey in hand. So and Sue instantly recognized the hat as belonging to their son, Sunny, who had died of an illness. They invited Ash inside where Sue explained that she and So were often busy, so it wasn't very often that she, So and Sunny got to be together (like Ash, Delia, and his own father). However, after their son's passing, Sue was taking the time to appreciate the simple comforts that helped to make her happy. So, a talented artist, explained that he only ever painted the sky since Sunny often talked of how much he loved it. Meeting Ash allowed the two to feel a sense of peace, and So decided to not only paint the sky, but also the forest where Sunny played and the Pokémon who were his friends. Later, Sunny's spirit appeared between them to say goodbye.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese So: 井上悟 Satoru Inoue
Sue: 岡村明美 Akemi Okamura

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