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Sealed Door

Sealed Door

Sealed Door (Japanese: 開かずのとびら Locked Door) is the 18th area in Pokémon Rumble U. It is available after the player clears Secret Warehouse In this area, the player fights one boss - Black Kyurem.


The Place to Return To

The Place to Return To


The only challenge in this level is to "Defeat the boss". This allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Keldeo in its Ordinary Form.


Glalie Glalie
Drapion Drapion
Toxicroak Toxicroak
Cofagrigus Cofagrigus
Cryogonal Cryogonal
Hydreigon Hydreigon
Reshiram Reshiram
Zekrom Zekrom
Kyurem Kyurem
Kyurem White Kyurem
Kyurem Black Kyurem
Keldeo Keldeo
Ordinary Form

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Porte Scellée
Germany Flag.png German Verriegelte Tür
Italy Flag.png Italian La porta proibita
Spain Flag.png Spanish Puerta Vetada

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