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Scissors Yoko

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Scissors Yoko

(Japanese: シザーズヨウコ Scissors Yōko) is a character of the day who appeared in Living on the Cutting Edge!.

Scissors Yoko is a Pokémon stylist who has her own trimming salon in Hau'oli City. She was about to trim three Furfrou when a Kartana entered her salon. Kartana quickly trimmed the Furfrou, leaving them to resemble Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales, and Arceus, respectively. Scissors Yoko screamed out of shock, which was overheard by Lillie, who happened to be looking for Kartana. She then explained what happened to Lillie, and even though she appeared to be unhappy with the Furfrou's new trims, the Furfrou were quite pleased.


Under her care

Scissors Yoko's Furfrou

Scissors Yoko's Furfrou
These three Furfrou were about to be trimmed by Scissors Yoko when a Kartana showed up and trimmed them instead. With their new trims, they resembled Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales, and Arceus, respectively. Although Scissors Yoko was unhappy with their new trims, the Furfrou were quite pleased by how they looked.

None of Furfrou's moves are known.

Debut Living on the Cutting Edge!


  • Scissors Yoko bears a strong resemblance to the famous Japanese stylist character Yoko Fuchigami, played by the comedian Ryuji Akiyama of the Japanese comedy trio "Robert".

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