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Bryan (left) and Ryan (right)

Ryan (Japanese: イサキ Isaki) and Bryan (Japanese: イサム Isamu) are the characters of the day who appeared in The Champ Twins!. They are twin brothers.

Ryan and Bryan always battle together in Tag Battles with their Quilava and Croconaw, respectively. Ash and Dawn heard how powerful they were and challenged them using Turtwig and Piplup, respectively. Fortunately for them, Turtwig and Piplup had a hard time working together, as did Ash and Dawn. As a result, the twins won the battle easily.

Proud of their victory, Ryan and Bryan went to look for other Trainers to beat until they found a table with a pile of fruit on it. However, it was a trap set up by Team Rocket in order to steal their Pokémon. When Ash and Dawn came back for a rematch, they told them what happened. It was then that Turtwig and Piplup showed real teamwork and saved Quilava and Croconaw. As thanks, Ryan and Bryan took up the offer of the rematch, but they ended up losing this time around.



This listing is of Ryan and Bryan's known Pokémon in the anime:


Ryan's Quilava
Ryan used Quilava with Bryan's Croconaw to defeat Trainers and earn their winning streak of sixteen. For their seventeenth win in a row, the twins battled Ash's Turtwig and Dawn's Piplup. However, due to the two and their Trainers arguing, the twins eventually won. Quilava was stolen by Team Rocket with Croconaw, and they were rescued with the help of Ash and Dawn, who now got along better. After that, the twins battled them again. However, they lost to the two's teamwork.

Quilava's known moves are Flame Wheel, Flamethrower and Swift.

Debut The Champ Twins!
Voice actors
English Bill Rogers


Bryan's Croconaw
Bryan used Croconaw in Tag Battles with Ryan's Quilava. After their sixteenth victory, the twins battled Ash and Dawn, whose Turtwig and Piplup were defeated due to disagreements. Later on, Croconaw was stolen with Quilava and Ash and Dawn, now feeling better about each other, were able to rescue the two. The twins then had a battle with them; however, they were defeated, ending their winning streak at seventeen.

Croconaw's known moves are Water Gun and Hydro Pump.

Debut The Champ Twins!
Voice actors
English Billy Beach

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Ryan: 渡辺久美子 Kumiko Watanabe
Bryan: 津村まこと Makoto Tsumura
English Ryan: Sarah Natochenny
Bryan: Emily Williams
Finnish Ryan: Aku Laitinen
Bryan: Antti Jaakola
Polish Ryan: Artur Pontek
Bryan: Artur Pontek
Brazilian Portuguese Ryan: Raphael Ferreira
Bryan: Pedro Alcântara
European Spanish Ryan: Sara Vivas
Bryan: Chelo Molina


  • Ryan and Bryan share a lot in common with A.J. in the sense that all three have similar designs, and are regarded as "unbeatable".

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