"The Psychic Pokémon Connection"
Language English
Status Active
Run January 1999 - Present
Date opened 1999
Creator Abra K./Psypoke Elite Four
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Forum Psypoke Forums
Mascot Mew and Jirachi
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Psypoke (also sometimes written as PsyPoke) is a Pokémon website that was originally owned, from 1999 to 2000, by Canadian webmaster Abra K. on the domain


Psypoke's original incarnation was not very helpful as Pokémon fan sites went - it lacked a Pokédex and detailed information on the video games. It was also infamous for the amount of advertising on it. However, the site had popular activities such as the Psypoke Gym Challenge and its forums were the most popular Pokémon-related message board on the forum during late 1999 and 2000.

Psypoke also held weekly trivia contests in its chat room, which was originally hosted on Eventually, non-Pokémon fans frequented the chat more than actual fans of the franchise, and the members of the Psypoke community moved the chat to, with the site expanding to hold trivia contests every Thursday and Saturday throughout late 2000 and much of 2001. It was also around this time that Psypoke briefly hosted the young, with Serebii becoming a news updater on until he acquired his own web space.

After he had decided to leave the site in the summer of 2000, Abra K. transferred ownership to four people, most of whom were trivia regulars: darkmind, TheKirbster, Nova, and DeadeyeDave. These four webmasters called themselves "The Psypoke Elite Four" and started a new forum on In 2001, completely vanished from the Internet when Abra K. allowed the domain name to expire. The Psypoke Elite Four acquired the domain name in July 2001 and started a new UBB message board. However, before a new site could be launched, the hosting fell through and Psypoke became homeless.

Psypoke continued on as a somewhat-underground forum community on a second Ezboard throughout the rest of 2001 and much of 2002. Other than its Ezboard, its only web presence was a small fan page called the Psypoke Gear, or PPG, which was created by TonberryKing and Amphy and modeled after Generation II's Pokégear. It was not until December 17, 2002, that Psypoke returned as a main Web site under the ownership of the second, and current, Psypoke Elite Four: TonberryKing, Amphy, darkmind, and Frost. The site's former chatroom server,, hosted the site at and until the server shut down in 2004.

Following axpi's closure, Psypoke moved to the GameSpy Network's, with the site eventually re-obtaining its current domain name, On March 16, 2007, the Elite Four relinquished all site and forum responsibilities to a new "Lite Four" of Krisp, sN0wBaLL, FireStarter, and TheCyberMew, with a fifth new admin being "The Geek," Jigglypuff, who handles much of the programming. While most of the former Psypoke Elite Four members have departed from the site, Frost still contributes as an administrator, meaning that the site has six altogether.

From May 1, 2004, until March 4, 2011, IGN hosted the site, first indirectly through and, and eventually directly after the network had largely cut down on its web hosting in the late 2000s. The current site is now independent, and its main feature its extensive game-related Pokédex, which is named the Psydex, although other features include walkthroughs for all of the main series games.


Title Admins
Original Owner Abra K. (1999-2000)
First Psypoke E4 TheKirbster (2000-2002) darkmind (2000-2007) Nova (2000-2002) Deadeyedave (2000-2002)
Second Psypoke E4 TonberryKing (2002-2007) Amphy (2002-2007) Frost (2002-) darkmind
Lite Four FireStarter (2007-) sN0wBaLL (2007-) TheCyberMew (2007-) Krisp (2007-)
"The Geek" Jigglypuff (2007-)

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