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Professor Alden

Professor Alden (Japanese: ウメズ教授 Professor Umezu) is a character of the day who appeared in A Ruin with a View. He is an archaeologist who had his base in the Pokémon Center of Oldale Town as he studied the Oldale Ruins.

He showed Ash and May the nearby Oldale Ruins and informed them about the Pokémon that resided there. Suddenly, Team Magma members arrived and blackmailed Alden so that he could give them access to the ruins. He was then kidnapped by Team Magma. Ultimately, he succumbed to their threats and opened up a secret chamber of the ruins with the help of four colored orbs for the grunts to enter. Team Magma inspected the room and eventually left, dissatisfied with what they found, leaving Alden unharmed.

Ash and May arrived on the scene just too late and saw Team Magma escaping in a helicopter. Afterwards, Pikachu Thunderbolted Team Rocket away, which helped recover the four keys. Professor Alden placed the treasures inside a cubed stone within the stone chamber, which surprisingly uncovered a hidden stairwell which led to an underground lake filled with the prehistoric Pokémon Relicanth. While Team Magma left disappointed, the latest discoveries at the ruins provided Professor Alden with further insight into the relationship between ancient people and Pokémon.

He reappeared in Jessie's flashback in A Three Team Scheme!.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 松本保典 Yasunori Matsumoto
English Wayne Grayson
Finnish Jari Viitanen
Norwegian Christian Barmen
Polish Aleksander Gawek
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Jr.
Spanish Latin America Carlos Hugo Hidalgo
Spain Jorge Saudinós


  • His name in the English dub may come from alder, in keeping with the Pokémon tradition of naming professors after types of trees.
  • He is the first character of the day in the Advanced Generation series.


Language Name Origin
Russian Профессор Элдон Professor Eldon From English name

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