Power Stone

A Power Stone (Japanese: Pストーン P Stone) is an item in Pokémon Quest that can be equipped to a Pokémon's Power Charm (Japanese: Pチャーム P Charm) to strengthen a Pokémon in various ways.

A Power Charm with Power Stones attached

Power Stones

There are two main types of Power Stones: the Mighty Stone (Japanese: パワフルストーン Powerful Stone) and the Sturdy Stone (Japanese: タフネスストーン Toughness Stone). Mighty Stones boost a Pokémon's Attack, while Sturdy Stones increase the Pokémon's HP. Stones which provide greater stat increases can be obtained by defeating stages of greater difficulty.

The Power Stones must be placed in an open socket in the Power Charm to have its effect. A Power Charm has a maximum of nine sockets and these sockets are unlocked as the Pokémon gains levels. Certain sockets can accommodate both Mighty and Sturdy Stones, while other sockets are restricted to one or the other. Each Pokémon have different Power Charms.

There are rare Power Stones that may give extra boosts on top of Attack or HP. These are colored bronze, silver or gold. Bronze Power Stones provide one extra boost, silver Power Stones provide two, while gold Power Stones provide three additional boosts. These boosts include:

  • Critical Hit Rate (%)
  • Critical Hit Damage (%)
  • Natural HP Healing (%)
  • Hit Healing (%)
  • Healing from K.O. (%)
  • Time to Recover (%)
  • HP upon Recovery (%)
  • Resistant to ↓ Effects (%)
  • Resistant to Status Conditions (%)
  • Movement Speed (%)

After every 10 successful expeditions, the player will earn an Expedition Bonus. When the bonus is active, the player will earn more rewards from expeditions, including a gold Power Stone. The bonus disappears after one successful expedition.

Power Stone Rarity Image (in order of ascending strength)
Mighty Stone Standard            
Sturdy Stone Standard            

Every Power Stone is assigned a random value within a specific range of its quality grade. Areas with high Power Score requirements will yield better Power Stones after a successful expedition.

Power Ratings
50—100 80—170 160—310 210—500 360—660

Power Stones can be recycled to obtain ingredients for cooking. The player is initially able to store up to 20 stones. Stone box expansions can be bought at the Poké Mart for 50 PM Tickets to increase the storage capacity by 20 (max 300).

Bingo bonus

Bingo bonuses (Japanese: ビンゴボーナス Bingo bonus) are additional boosts that automatically activate when one line of stones in a Power Charm is completed. A Pokémon can have up to three bingo bonuses. These bingo bonuses are randomly selected from a pool of bonuses available for a specific Pokémon. The bingo bonuses change if the Pokémon evolves.

Effects provided from bingo bonuses include:

  • Critical Hit Rate (%)
  • Critical Hit Damage (%)
  • Natural HP Healing (%)
  • Hit Healing (%)
  • Healing from K.O. (%)
  • Time to Recover (%)
  • HP upon Recovery (%)
  • Resistant to ↓ Effects (%)
  • Resistant to Status Conditions (%)
  • Movement Speed (%)
  • ATK of specific-Type Moves (%)
  • Specific-Type Moves Wait (%)
  • Specific-Type Damage Taken (%)
  • Taking Critical Hits Rate (%)
  • Healing per Wave (%)
  • Wait for Standard Attacks (%)
  • Move Wait Time (%)
  • Pokémon Size Change (%)
  • Own Knockback Distance (%)

Move Stones

Move Stones (Japanese: わざストーン Move Stone) are special Power Stones that can increase the performance of certain moves. Each move has 0 to three sockets where a Move Stone can be placed. A Move Stone can only be put in a socket connected to a move that has the same color as the stone. There are six kinds of Move Stones, each with different effects.

Move Stone Effect
  Broadburst Stone Increases attack width by 1
  Scattershot Stone Increases the move's number of shots by 1, but decreases the move's power by 15%
  Sharing Stone Enables the positive effects of moves to be shared with buddies
  Stay Strong Stone Increases the duration of positive move effects on the user by 25%, and increases the duration of negative move effects on enemies by 25%
  Wait Less Stone Decreases the move wait time by 5%
  Whack-Whack Stone Increases the number of move repetitions by one, but increases the move wait time by 50%

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese P力石 P Lihksehk
Mandarin P力石 P Lìshí *
方石 Fāngshí *
  French Gemme-P
  German P-Steine
  Italian Pietre P
  Korean P스톤 P Stone
  Spanish Piedra P

Power Charm

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese P墜子 P Jeuihjí
Mandarin P墜子 / P坠子 P Zhuìzi *
方石坠 Fāngshí Zhuì *
  French Amulette-P
  German P-Amulett
  Italian Amuleto P
  Korean P애뮬릿 P Amulet
  Spanish Amuleto P

Mighty Stone

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 大力石 Daaihlihk Sehk
Mandarin 大力石 Dàlì Shí
  French Gemme Puissance
  German Kraftstein
  Italian Pietra Potenza
  Korean 파워풀스톤 Powerful Stone
  Spanish Piedra Potencia

Sturdy Stone

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 鐵打石 Titdá Sehk
Mandarin 鐵打石 / 铁打石 Tiědǎ Shí
  French Gemme Endurance
  German Härtestein
  Italian Pietra Vigore
  Korean 터프니스스톤 Toughness Stone
  Spanish Piedra Dureza

Move Stone

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 招式石 Jīusīk Sehk
Mandarin 招式石 Zhāoshì Shí
  French Gemme-P capacité
  German Attackenstein
  Italian Pietra mossa
  Korean 기술스톤 Gisul Stone
  Spanish Piedra movimiento

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