Pokéstar Studios characters

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This is a list of characters in Pokéstar Studios movies, the actors who play them, and their respective Trainer classes.

Trainer class Japanese name Name Series Movie Actor class Actor
Masked Man かいじん
Mysterious Person
Brycen-Man Brycen-Man Brycen-Man - The Riolu Kid/Girl vs. Brycen Man,
Brycen-Man Strikes Back,
Brycen-Man Strikes Back Harder
Movie Star Brycen
Battleship バトルシップ
Brycen Jet Brycen-Man Brycen-Man Strikes Back 2 Suit Actor Craig
World Police こくさいコップ
International Cop
Mecha Cop Full Metal Cop Full Metal Cop - Enter the Sneasel Ninja!,
Full Metal Cop 2 - The Sneasel Ninja's Trap,
Full Metal Cop 4 - The Sneasel Ninja: The Final Case
Movie Star Brycen
Little Sis メカポリスのいもうと
Mecha Police's Little Sister
Pollyanna Full Metal Cop Full Metal Cop 3 - Little Sister vs. the Sneasel Ninja Celebrity Scarlett
Mysterious なぞのえんばん
Enigmatic Flying Saucer
UFO Invaders Invaders - Terror from the Sky,
Invaders 3 - Decoy Plan
Suit Actor Creed
Enigma なぞのおんな
Enigmatic Woman
E Invaders Invaders 2 - The UFO and the Mysterious Woman Actress Tallulah
Invader しんりゃくしゃ
Alien Invaders Invaders 4 - Humanity's Ultimate Struggle Actress Tallulah
Weird Light なぞのひかり
Enigmatic Light
??? Big Monster Big Monster - The Titanic Tyranitar,
Big Monster 3 - Mysterious Beach
New Actress Callie
Working Man はたらくおとこ
Laboring Man
Dustin Big Monster Big Monster 2 - The Mechanical Menace Comedian Masahiko
Strange Man あやしい しんし
Suspicious Gentleman
Serizawa Big Monster Big Monster 4 - Return of Mecha Tyranitar Veteran Star Masachika
Assistant じょしゅ
Strange Timegate Traveler Timegate Traveler Veteran Star Peter
Future Being みらいじん
Future Person
Ledian Timegate Traveler Timegate Traveler 2 - Pokémon Planet,
Timegate Traveler 3 - Escape from Pokémon Planet
Suit Actor Cristina
Cute Trainer めとめが あったひと
Eye Contact Person
Miguel Love and Battles Love and Battles - Miguel's Story A-list Actor Alonso
Cute Trainer めとめが あったひと
Eye Contact Person
Penelope Love and Battles Love and Battles - Penelope's Story Chic Actress Alyssa
Popular Boy モテモテボーイ
Popular Boy
Camilo Love and Battles Love and Battles 2 - Camilo's Story A-list Actor Ricardo
Popular Girl モテモテガール
Popular Girl
Barbara Love and Battles Love and Battles 2 - Barbara's Story Chic Actress Katalina
Boyfriend こいびと
Antonio Love and Battles Love and Battles 3 - Antonio's Story Actor Fabio
Girlfriend こいびと
Maria Love and Battles Love and Battles 3 - Maria's Story Actress Isabella
Strange Lady あやしいおんな
Suspicious Woman
??? Mystery Doors of the Magical Land Mystery Doors of the Magical Land - Beyond a Door Movie Star Sabrina
Gatekeeper もんばん
Plush Toy Mystery Doors of the Magical Land Mystery Doors of the Magical Land 2 - A Door's Secrets Suit Actor Crandall
Magic Queen まほうクイーン
Magic Queen
Bellelba Mystery Doors of the Magical Land Mystery Doors of the Magical Land 3 - Open a Door Movie Star Sabrina
Big Sister おねえさゃん
Big Sis
Monica The Giant Woman! The Giant Woman! - The Quarrel Ends and Trouble Begins Unique Star Karla
Girlfriend こいびと
Monica The Giant Woman! The Giant Woman! - The Quarrel Ends and Trouble Begins Unique Star Karla
Mystery Man なぞのおとこ
Enigmatic Man
River The Giant Woman!
The Giant Woman 2 - A Mysterious Caller,
The Giant Woman 3 - Trials of the Giant Woman
Fine Actor Terrence
Secret Agent ひみつけいさつ
Secret Police
River The Giant Woman! The Giant Woman 4 - Farewell, Dear Giant Fine Actor Terrence
Midnight まよなか
Red Fog Red Fog of Terror Red Fog of Terror - Horrific Motel,
Red Fog of Terror 2 - Wanderers of the Park,
Red Fog of Terror 3 - A Cry from Beyond
Suit Actor Crystie
Assistant じょしゅ
Manuelo Everlasting Memories Everlasting Memories - INITIATE,
Everlasting Memories 3 - RUNTIME EXCEPTION
Actor Lars
Assistant じょしゅ
Simone Everlasting Memories Everlasting Memories 2 - CONNECT,
Everlasting Memories 4 - SHUTDOWN
Actress Ingmar
Haunted Man とりつかれたおとこ
Possessed Man
Kadath Ghost Eraser Ghost Eraser - File 1: The Village of Ghosts Veteran Star J.J.
Haunted Kid とりつかれたこども
Possessed Child
Celaeno Ghost Eraser Ghost Eraser 2 - File 2: A Curious Possession Child Star Abby
Treasure たいこのひほう
Ancient Treasure
Old Statue Ghost Eraser Ghost Eraser 3 - File 3: Phantom Treasure Star Actor Cristoph
Haunted Man とりつかれたおとこ
Possessed Man
Arkham Ghost Eraser Ghost Eraser 4 - File 4: Majin of Mayhem Big Star Howard

In other languages

Names in other languages for Trainer classes used by multiple characters can be found on the page of the respective Trainer class.

Masked Man

Language Title
  French Super-Vilain
  German Superschurke
  Italian Malvagio
  Korean 괴인 Goein
  Spanish Villano


Language Title
  French Turbojet
  German Kampfkreuzer
  Italian Jet
  Korean 배틀쉽 Battleship
  Spanish Nave

World Police

Language Title
  French Inspecteur
  German Globo-Cop
  Italian Agente
  Korean 국제경찰 Gukjegyeongchal
  Spanish Globopol

Little Sis

Language Title
  French Petite Sœur
  German Schwester
  Italian Sorella
  Korean 메카폴리스의 여동생 Mecha Police-ui Yeodongsaeng
  Spanish Hermana


Language Title
  French Soucoupe
  German Unheimliches
  Italian Strano disco
  Korean 미확인 원반 Mihwagin Wonban
  Spanish Platillo


Language Title
  French Inconnue
  German Mysteriöse
  Italian Donna strana
  Korean 베일에 싸인 여성 Beire Ssain Yeoseong
  Spanish Extraña


Language Title
  French Envahissant
  German Invasor
  Italian Invasore
  Korean 침략자 Chimnyakja
  Spanish Invasora

Weird Light

Language Title
  French Silhouette
  German Unheimliches
  Italian Luce arcana
  Korean 수상한 빛 Susanghan Bin
  Spanish Luz extraña

Working Man

Language Title
  French Ouvrier
  German Arbeiter
  Italian Manovale
  Korean 일하는 남자 Ilhaneun Namja
  Spanish Trabajador

Strange Man

Language Title
  French Type Louche
  German Dubioser Typ
  Italian Uomo losco
  Korean 수상한 신사 Susanghan Sinsa
  Spanish Sospechoso

Future Being

Language Title
  French P. du Futur
  German Nachweltler
  Italian Abit. futuro
  Korean 미래인 Miraein
  Spanish Homo futurus

Popular Boy

Language Title
  French Beau Gosse
  German Teenie-Idol
  Italian Modello
  Korean 인기 보이 Ingi Boy
  Spanish Guaperas

Popular Girl

Language Title
  French Canon
  German Teenie-Idol
  Italian Modella
  Korean 인기 걸 Ingi Girl
  Spanish Chica guay


Language Title
  French Fiancé
  German Freund
  Italian Fidanzato
  Korean 연인 Yeonin
  Spanish Novio

Strange Lady

Language Title
  French Dame Louche
  German Dubiose Frau
  Italian Strana donna
  Korean 수상한 여자 Susanghan Yeoja
  Spanish Dama extraña


Language Title
  French Gardien
  German Wächter
  Italian Guardiano
  Korean 문지기 Munjigi
  Spanish Guardián

Magic Queen

Language Title
  French Reine
  German Königin
  Italian Regina
  Korean 마법의 여왕 Mabeobui Yeowang
  Spanish Reina bruja

Big Sister

Language Title
  French Sœur
  German Schwester
  Italian Sorella
  Korean 언니 Eonni
  Spanish Hermana

Secret Agent

Language Title
  French Agent Secret
  German Geheimagent
  Italian Agente
  Korean 비밀경찰 Bimilgyeongchal
  Spanish Ag. secreto


Language Title
  French Nébuleux
  German Nächtlicher
  Italian Notte oscura
  Korean 한밤중 Hanbamjung
  Spanish Medianoche

Haunted Kid

Language Title
  French Possédée
  German Geisterkind
  Italian Fanciulla
  Korean 귀신에 홀린 어린이 Gwisine Hollin Eorini
  Spanish Niña poseída


Language Title
  French Ancienne
  German Schatz
  Italian Tesoro
  Korean 태고의 비보 Taegoui Bibo
  Spanish Tesoro

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