Pokémon Report

The Pokémon Report (Japanese: ポケモンレポート Pokémon Report) is a project by Professor Oak, for which he hires Todd Snap to take pictures of Pokémon on Pokémon Island in Pokémon Snap. It is distinguished from the Pokémon Album by having a blue cover and a silhouette of a Squirtle on the front. The goal of Pokémon Snap is to complete this report; thus, in a sense, it is much like the Pokédex of the other Pokémon games except with a more limited scope.

The front page of the Pokémon Report

When complete, it will contain photos of 63 species of wild Pokémon on Pokémon Island. It is assumable Professor Oak includes information on each Pokémon in the Report as well, but in the game only the photos are presented in an album style.


A page for Haunter in the Pokémon Report

Each page of the Report will feature one photo for each species of Pokémon. In the report itself, they can be ordered by their Generation I Pokédex number, alphabetically, the area of Pokémon Island on which the photo was taken, or by the scores Professor Oak gave the pictures.

When checking each Pokémon species's page, the photo of the Pokémon will appear, along with the course it was taken on, the photographer, and the score which Professor Oak gave the shot. Further details on the scoring can be obtained by checking the photo itself.

Only one photo for each species can be included in the Report. If two high-quality shots of a Pokémon are taken, Todd must decide which of the two he'd rather keep in the Report. Luckily, the Pokémon Album makes no such discrimination, and can sometimes be used to save high-quality photos which did not make the cut of being included in the report.

Best Shot

Though included in the main Pokémon Report as well, a special page is set aside for the highest scoring photo in the Report. It will appear in a wooden frame with the same details as in the main Report.

Pokémon signs

Being a special part of Pokémon Island, the six Pokémon signs are included in the Report as well. A photo of each is included and Professor Oak elaborates on why he decided to name it what he did.

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