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PocketMonsters.net is a Pokémon fan-site. They also lead the PocketMonsters Fansubs group.[1]

This site has a Pokédex. In this Pokédex, they have a list of all the Pokémon with their English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, and Korean names. This site also contains information about Pokémon DVDs and Blu-rays, supplying users with a list of them, including their name, their release date, and their publisher. The site also contains information about the TCG.

They also have an episode guide, containing a list of seasons. Upon clicking one of the seasons, a user is then able to see all of the episode names in different languages. An episode may contain an episode summary along with screenshots for that episode, and the episode will usually get a rating that goes from 1 to 10. Not only that, but the episode contains a complete list of clickable characters.

Adding to that, they also have a song database that contains a list of most, if not all, the songs plus their titles in other languages. They also have a CD database for the songs, giving out their release date, the number of songs on the track, and the rating for the albums. They have them in different languages.

Lastly, PocketMonsters.net has an image board where their users are free to upload images related to the Pokémon franchise.

PocketMonsters Fansubs

PocketMonsters Fansubs is a fansubbing group subtitling the Japanese Pokémon anime in English.

The group started subtitling in 2008 with DP094, and they regularly subbed every episode from the main series from that point up to 2017 with SM049. They also subbed the corresponding movies, trailers and similar promotional material. Separate translators had subtitled earlier episodes, which were released on an irregular schedule.

Names of characters and Pokémon are kept in Japanese, while location names, etc. are handled in a way that, according to the group, best represents the intention of the original name. If the official English games use a name that works as a straight translation of the Japanese, this name will typically be used by them to lessen confusion. All Pokémon moves use the name from the official English video games.

The group has been inactive since November 2018, with their final release being SM091. However, no actual plans of discontinuation were announced.


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