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All About Arceus VII
A Ray of Hope!
VS アルセウスVII
VS Arceus VII
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 458 in Vol. 43
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 17 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

All About Arceus VII (Japanese: VS アルセウスVII VS Arceus VII), titled VS Arceus VII in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 458th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 17th chapter of the HeartGold & SoulSilver arc.

It is subtitled A Ray of Hope! (Japanese: いちるの望み! A Ray of Hope!) in the VIZ Media translation and Ray of Hope in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Pryce explains to Gold, Silver, and Crystal that after the final battle between him and Gold, he was left in a "crack of time" where he drifted through the past, present, and future. He wonders why he was allowed to return, but believes Celebi was the reason. He tells the three that when he tried to give a warning of the dire future he had witnessed during his period in the crack of time, Lance was able to receive it. Lance then prepared for Pryce's arrival by sending a message to Professor Oak and asking him to send him a Trainer to gain Arceus's trust. Silver asks why Giovanni would work with Pryce, causing him to explain in a flashback.

Earlier that night, when Pryce followed Celebi out of the crack of time through its shrine, Giovanni was waiting in front of it. He instantly attacked Pryce and his Swinub with Ursaring. Narrating the flashback, Pryce states he believes Giovanni sought Celebi's power to cure "grave illnesses." Lance and his Dragonite arrived just in time to break off the fight and warn Giovanni about the imminent crisis the world will face. Giovanni then called on Ken, Al, and Harry to guard Celebi and the Ilex Forest while he went with the others to the Sinjoh Ruins.

In the present, the Executives watch in concern as Giovanni and the others work to calm the Pokémon of Myth and undo their efforts. Ariana, Petrel, and Proton want to walk out on their plans, but Archer refuses to let that happen. He declares that, as he was the one who got Arceus to absorb all the Plates, he is the true leader of Team Rocket. He attempts to lead the others forward to carry out the rest of their mission, but is shoved away by Arceus.

Lance calls Archer a fool for believing Arceus's creation of the Pokémon of Myth was his own doing. He tells Gold that Arceus created the three Pokémon as a test to see if humans could defend the world. While Arceus lost faith in humans when Archer tried to force it under his control, it is still giving humans a chance to regain its trust by letting them work together to save the world. Lance says that the only way to make the Legendary Pokémon return to where they came from would be to calm Arceus's anger, which he notes will likely not happen anytime soon.

As the Pokémon continue to battle in the cramped ruins, Lance calls for everyone bring the fight outside. Crystal offers to help, but Gold refuses to join. He tells her and Silver to leave without him, as he plans to be the one to calm Arceus. Before he turns away, Gold attempts to say something about Crystal's new clothes, but she blasts him with Natee's Tailwind. She tells him to wait until after he succeeds to finish his comment. As she and Silver begin to fly out of the ruins with their Pokémon, Gold tells her to stay safe, as he has many things to say to her.

Gold then turns to Arceus. He acknowledges that people like the Executives and himself are the type whom Arceus does not want to trust, but points out that it still let Crystal capture it for a brief moment. He explains that Crystal is a human like everyone else, and says that Arceus should not wipe out all people when they are capable of changing, citing Pryce's growth. He pleads with Arceus to give humanity another chance.

Major events

  • Pryce reveals that Celebi brought him back because it sensed that Arceus would cause the destruction of Johto.
  • Archer, disappointed that Giovanni wasn't like he expected, tries to capture Arceus himself, but is easily defeated.
  • Giovanni, Pryce, and Lance take their battles outside.
  • Gold stays behind to combat Arceus.
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