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As Luck Would Have It, Kirlia
Sending a Request
VS キルリア
VS Kirlia
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 308 in Vol. 26
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 308 in Vol. 26
Series Pokémon Adventures

As Luck Would Have It, Kirlia (Japanese: VS キルリア VS Kirlia), titled VS. Kirlia in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 308th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the sixth chapter of the Emerald arc. It is subtitled Sending a Request (Japanese: 送信要請 Transmission Request) in the VIZ Media translation and Transmission Request in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Latias and Latios approach Emerald from the sky and ask him to release Sceptile from his Poké Ball. Emerald does, and pulls out his PokéNav to check Sceptile's level at their request. Meanwhile, Todd Snap stands in amazement that Emerald is able to communicate with the Eon Pokémon. Emerald finishes examining Sceptile and finds that he is at level 51, which should be impossible as he was put in the level 50 category in the Battle Factory.

Emerald points out that during his battle with Noland, Glalie tried to use Sheer Cold, but it failed. As Sheer Cold is a move that will fail if the opponent is even one level higher, and Sceptile didn't avoid the attack, Todd realizes Emerald must be accurate in his judgment. Emerald explains that he didn't know about Sceptile's level until now, and since Noland didn't appear to notice anything amiss, it must mean that Sceptile is not a rental Pokémon to begin with. Emerald guesses that if Sceptile isn't a rental Pokémon, it must mean that someone had slipped it into the Battle Frontier without anyone noticing.

Latias and Latios quickly warn Emerald that some people are approaching them. The people turn out to be Brandon and Tucker. Todd worries about what will happen if they find out that Emerald stole Sceptile, but Latias covers herself, Latios, and Sceptile in a cloud of mist created by Mist Ball. Unaware of what happened, Tucker grabs Emerald and picks on him by making fun of his short height. Tucker and Brandon ask which facility Emerald plans on challenging next and each demands that he challenges their facility next.

Emerald replies that he'll have to face them either way, but points out that since they get on his nerves he doesn't really want to challenge them. With that, Emerald uses his Magic Hands to bash Tucker and Brandon's heads together and then runs away. Furious, Tucker and Brandon give chase and eventually manage to catch Emerald. Emerald gets angry and lashes out, causing Tucker and Brandon to get tied up to the fangs on the Battle Pike's entrance. Tucker and Brandon demand to be released, but Emerald gets tired and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Todd looks for Emerald, as he didn't return after running off. With Latias and Latios gone, Todd wonders what to do with Sceptile. He arrives at the Battle Pike and is shocked to find Emerald there, still sleeping in mid-air while still having Tucker and Brandon tied to the building's fangs. Lucy arrives from within the Battle Pike and orders her Seviper to use Poison Tail to free Emerald, Brandon, and Tucker. Lucy reprimands Tucker and Brandon and tells Emerald that he must be lucky if he managed to find her Battle Pike while running around in the dark. She introduces herself to him and asks if he'll want to challenge her today.

Emerald agrees while Todd reads about the Battle Pike: a facility that tests one's luck. A Trainer enters it with three Pokémon on hand and is required to enter a series of halls with three doors. To progress, they must go through one of these doors until they reach the final room. Each door leads into a room, which can lead to eight different types of events. Each set consists of six halls and seven rooms. The challenger can only battle Lucy herself after reaching the 129th room on the tenth set.

As the members of the press arrive, Emerald runs off to get prepared. Todd runs after Emerald and asks him what he's going to do without Pokémon of his own to use in battle. Emerald explains that the person who sent him to the Battle Frontier owns every single sort of Pokémon, and they're all available for him to use. When they reach a computer, Emerald sends a message to that person in the Pokémon Research Laboratory in Hoenn, who then sends the requested Pokémon to Emerald.

Emerald hurries back to the Battle Pike and tells Lucy that he's ready, choosing his first door. As Todd, Lucy, and the press all watch via large screens, Emerald is challenged to a Double Battle with two virtual Trainers using a Dusclops and a Kirlia. As the battle commences, Todd hollers for Emerald to be careful as Kirlia prepares to inflict a status effect.

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PS307 : Gotcha Where I Wantcha, Glalie
Emerald arc
PS309 : Moving Past Milotic
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