PS063 : Extricated from Exeggutor
Yellow arc
PS065 : Karate Machop!
Putting It on the Line...Against Arcanine
VS ウインディ
VS Windie
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 64 in Vol. 5
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 24 in The Seafoam Encounter
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 64 in Vol. 5
Series Pokémon Adventures

Putting It on the Line...Against Arcanine (Japanese: VS ウインディ VS Windie) is the 64th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Yellow and Pika are surfing to an island, noting a huge volcano, and wondering if it's active. Just then, a Jr. Trainer comes to Yellow, saying that the island is Cinnabar Island, and claims that the volcano has been inactive for years. When the Trainer mentions the name of the island, Yellow realizes that there will not be many clues here to Red's disappearance, as the island must have been searched many times by Blaine. Yellow asks Pika what she should do, while the Jr. Trainer starts collecting stones in the background. When questioned as to what he is doing, he says he is helping a friend train. He then shows Yellow a bridge where he and his friend, who is revealed to be an old, bald man, do the training. Then, for the training, the boy and his Haunter start throwing stones at outstanding speeds. However, a strange shape appears, and the stones are deflected. Then, the boy calls on his Arcanine, telling it to use Ember after he throws the stones.

Yellow comments that the stones cannot be dodged on the bridge easily, and if one of them hits, the man will die, but just as before, a mysterious force deflects the stones. Yellow speculates that it is a giant spoon of sorts, but cannot tell. The man then comes and pays the Jr. Trainer for his help, and invites Yellow to his lab. The lab is revealed to be in the center of the volcano, and also that it is a back door to the Cinnabar Gym. He then welcomes Yellow to his lab, with Yellow questioning how he knows her name. The man then puts on glasses and a fake mustache, removes his hair, and reveals himself to be Blaine. Yellow questions his disguise, but Blaine claims that he never knows who could be watching him (and also he burnt his real mustache off in a training session). Blaine says he just got a message from Brock, and has a conversation with him via the telecast. Brock claims to have seen Red on Mt. Moon, much to both Blaine and Yellow's surprise. Brock then explains that Red was there at some point, but isn't now. He also has a flashback of what specifically happened, finding a perfect Red mold in ice.

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PS063 : Extricated from Exeggutor
Yellow arc
PS065 : Karate Machop!
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