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Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up
VS ピジョン
VS Pigeon
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 5
Round number 54
Location Route 9
Previous Round Can't Catch Caterpie!
Next Round The Primeape Directive

Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up (Japanese: VS ピジョン VS Pigeon) is the 54th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.



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Yellow tells Pika to look after Kitty while she runs a quick errand. After Yellow races off, Kitty spots a leaf floating past it, and chases after it. The leaf floats over to the edge of the cliff, so Pika chases after Kitty to stop it from falling off the edge. Kitty then chases the leaf and almost runs into a cactus, but Pika runs in front of Kitty, then blows the leaf away. The leaf then flies off in a gust of wind. Pika finds another leaf and gives it to Kitty.

Suddenly a herd of Pidgeotto fly past and pick Kitty up in the process. Pika climbs the cliff, and then jumps off and shocks the Pidgeotto. The Pidgeotto drops Kitty, and Pika catches it. They land on the cliff, next to a tree and some flowers. Kitty eats all the flowers, and it and Pika fall asleep. Then Yellow comes back with her arms full of flowers. She smiles as she notices them sleeping.

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