The Mysterious Rainbow of Colors
Published: September 16, 2005
Publisher: Pokémon Daisuki Club
Author: Akihito Toda
Preceded By: The Mysterious Lines
Succeeded By: The Mysterious Yacht

The Mysterious Rainbow of Colors (Japanese: ふしぎなにじいろ) is the second book in the Pokémon Daisuki Tales series. It is an interactive book written by Akihito Toda and illustrated by Kagemaru Himeno. This book and its narration are in Japanese, and they have not been translated into English. It is 24 pages long.


Two Pichu are picking up floating Mystery Berries deep in the forest. They finally fill their bags and decide to head home, but on their way home, they run into a mysterious, rainbow-colored fog. The fog quickly surrounds them, and the Pichu become scared. Wandering about, they see strange things in the rainbow fog, like almost familiar faces, a field of flowers, and an enormously long Weedle.

Eventually the Pichu find themselves in front of a cottage, and the rainbow fog seems to be coming from it. Inside the cottage they find Meowth stirring a pot that's letting off dense, rainbow-colored steam that's leaking out the door instead of rising through the chimney. The Pichu figure Meowth wants to create a rainbow in the sky and have an idea. They throw all of their floating Mystery Berries into the pot, and the steam gets lighter and starts to rise up the chimney, and outside, they can see a magnificent rainbow arcing through the sky.


The reader may choose between a male and a female narrator, labeled as "Father" and "Mother" and voiced by Yōtarō Ōkubo and Chikage Yamashita respectively.

After having seen all pages once, the reader is prompted to reread the book from the beginning, this time clicking on new buttons that show up in the middle of certain pages. These buttons clear away the rainbow fog to show the reader the Pokémon that were previously half-hidden by the fog, making the Pichu see strange things.


  • Page 9-10: The almost familiar faces were really parts of Pokémon that have faces or face-like markings on their body.
  • Page 11-12: The field of flowers was really a group of Pokémon that have flowers on their bodies, with most of their bodies concealed by the fog.
  • Page 13-14: The enormously long Weedle was really seven different Weedle whose heads and tails were covered by the fog in a way that made it look like all their bodies were one long body.
  • Page 23-24: Originally, the scene was just the cottage surrounded by fog with the rainbow arcing up from the chimney and through the sky, but when the secret button is clicked, the fog clears away to reveal the Pichus and Meowth standing outside the cottage and looking up at the rainbow.



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